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Fuel Your Lust for Adventure by Visiting these Top 7 Thai BL Drama Locations

Covert art by Rojan Maguyon

If you've watched enough Thai BL, you will notice that there are scenic locations that make you go, "Hey, that looks familiar!". Many iconic shooting sites in Thailand are often present in the country's Boys Love dramas.

Here, we will list those popular areas and bring them to you as Thai BL Iconic BL Drama Locations! Will these areas make it into your itinerary when visiting Thailand?


First, we have Phuket, the iconic island from I Told Sunset About You. Straight from our favorite BKPP series, this small province contains shophouses built from the 19th century and takes you back in time. Experience the feeling of walking through this area's rich history from the streets alone. Don't forget to find time to watch the sunset with a red hibiscus in your hair!

Photo from "I Told Sunset About You"

Lumphini Park

Ah, this iconic park. You'll find this as a familiar dating spot in BL scenes. Either the couple trying the mini-boats or learning how to bike. The Lumphini Park is located in the city of Bangkok and is available to all. If you stay a little longer, you might see Moons and Stars taking photoshoots for their Freshy competition!

Photo from

Doi Pha Tang Mountain

Count a thousand stars and make a wish on Doi Pha Tang Mountain! A Tale of Thousand Stars' iconic shooting place for Pha Pan Dao is located right here. With beautiful nature as far as the eye can see, the mountain stands at 1,600 meters! How did Tian's heart survive the journey?

Huachiew Chalermprakiet University

Of course, we can't forget the universities! Huchiew Chalermprakiet University is one of the top two most recognizable backgrounds in Thai BLs. Usually, it's one of GMMTV's go-to colleges for filming. This prestigious institution has 13 faculties available for students all over the country. Do you choose Engineering or Med?

Asiatique: A Happening Night Market

Take a look at that Ferris wheel. It looks familiar, doesn't it? I can feel myself dancing WHYRU's choreography already! The Astiatique Night Market is Bangkok's recent riverfront entertainment and is a fusion of shopping, dining, and absolute fun! Take your loved one on a date here. Who knows, maybe you'll fall into a novel?

Photo from

Rangsit University

There are two universities famous in the land of Thai BL dramas, Huachiew Chalermprakiet being the first and Rangsit being the second! Visiting here, will you get Love by Chance, A Fish Upon the Sky, or a feisty Engineering Phi? Rangsit University is full of outstanding faculties that fully accommodate students of all kinds!

Photo from "Love by Chance"

Rama IX Bridge

Last but not least, the Rama IX Bridge we can never forget! Be it confessions, break-ups, or just passing by, this bridge holds a place in our BL fan hearts. Located in Bangkok, the Rama IX bridge was named in honor of King Bhumibol. Why not walk here in red, maybe after a wedding, and say I love you to your partner?

Photo from Absolute BL and iQIYI

When you've watched so many Thai Boys Love Dramas, you'll find yourself wishing to one day be walking through those familiar views. That can be a reality! Although you can't jump into the screen and meet your favorite characters, you can fly to Thailand and visit these iconic Thai BL Drama Locations! So, which area is first on your travel itinerary?



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