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Get Ready to Stan DIONE at Tugatog Filipino Music Festival!

The P-Pop world has a lot of options on whom to stan. If you want to join the ever-growing family of P-Pop lovers, the female group DIONE could be your way to the fandom!

The girl group is composed of DK, the main vocal and youngest member, Clara, the vocal, rapper, and main dancer of the group. Ella as the Main Rapper, Dancer, and Joyden as the leader, vocal, rapper of DIONE.

Although the girl group just started their journey, their promising talent and charisma are already making waves and setting the P-POP flooded with their captivating singing, rapping, and impeccable dancing skills.

Luckily, if you want to know more about the girls, DIONE will be part of the upcoming TUGATOG Filipino Music Festival!


"We want to be remembered for the idea that we helped make the culture and music of P-pop rise," Clara said during their short interview with PARCINQ Magazine. "Our country, in terms of the entertainment industry, needs us right now, and that's why we are part of the TUGATOG Filipino Music Festival. We want to be remembered as one of the way-finders for the next generation of P-pop artists."

Tugatog Filipino Music Festival aims to showcase both rising and prominent artists that define the peak of Filipino music, and for 2022 the spotlight is on P-Pop. The culture and sound of P-pop are undeniably dominating the airwaves, and the creators of Tugatog want to celebrate the phenomenon and create a bookmark that will last for a lifetime. "We take a lot of inspiration from the P-pop groups that we will be performing within Tugatog. "After all, we all have our differences but we are here with the same goal, and that is to make P-pop rise," Clara said.

When asked about how they are preparing for the grand event, the girls said they have been practicing non-stop. "Everyday, we go on training and rehearsals because we want to showcase who we really are not just as a P-pop girl group, but a talented Filipino," Joyden said.

The groups might be only a few steps in the limelight, but the girls are already proving that they have what it takes to stand and raise the P-pop flag. According to the group, their newest song, "BLING BLING" will surely be part of their set during the TUGATOG Filipino Music Festival but fans should expect more twist and turn during the event.

"With TUGATOG Filipino Music Festival, we hope for more recognition in terms of our music as a P-pop community," Ella said. "Not only for us, DIONE, as a group but for every group that will be performing with us!"

Aside from DIONE, MNL48, ALAMAT, BINI, and BGYO are among the performers for the Tugatog Music Festival happening in June. Also, Tugatog merchandise, in the form of t-shirts, bags, notebooks, and more, will also be available at the event. Tickets for the Tugatog Filipino Music Festival are already available at SMtickets.


But if you think that’s all. Think again! PARCINQ Magazine will be there too! Get a chance to get a copy of our Tugatog Special Issue featuring BGYO alongside other P-pop groups in an exclusive, limited edition print run in celebration of the live concert. If you are attending the concert, you have the option of picking up your copy at the event. If not, don't worry — you can still have one (or three!) shipped right to your doorstep. It comes with freebies like posters and trading cards so don't miss out!


Produced Exclusively by Ant Savvy Creatives and Entertainment, Inc. and Parcinq Magazine Team for @TugatogPH

Photography by Rxandy Capinpin

Art Direction by Joe Andy

Styling by New Collective Style

Words by Mark Baccay

Interview by Anna Fregillana and LA Bendana

Videography by Sean Amador

Assisted by Juan Miguel Lapidez & Joshua Navarro

Hair and Make Up Team :Michael Mesalucha aka Mike Mesalucha, Ludel Ramirez, Bon Ivan Coronado, Romano Manzano, Pauline Prado, Tita Rich, Bubhey Bautista, and Maja Salbading

Set Design by Rooster Production Design

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