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Couple Goals: Meet TikTok's Most Lovable Korean-Filipino Couple Earl and Sean

The Korean-Filipino couple, Earl and Sean are popular TikTok and Instagram content creators known for being one of the sweetest! These two are a beautiful example of a generation set to redefine what love looks like. Their heartwarming and wholesome content ranges from travel, languages, dances, and dates that will make us weak in the knees. In an all-exclusive Zoom interview with PARCINQ, Earl and Sean shared their love story, secrets to a strong relationship, and messages for this Pride month. The two want to make a statement — they are not just head over heels for each other and their love is not a phase. Earl and Sean are the real deal!

Events of Love

The Past

Earl and Sean first knew each other online in 2013 when they were following the same foodstagram hashtags. It started when they liked and commented under each other's food posts, and although they had no idea what the other was like, it became a mutual online friendship between foodies! It wasn't until 2015 when the two finally met in Korea where their love story began to flourish.

At first, Sean thought he'd be making a new friend like he always did in Thailand and Korea, but little did he know that seeing Earl would spark the development of his feelings! Meeting Earl in the flesh for the first time, Sean's first impression was: ”I guess he was really cute" and "He's taller than what I expected." However, when they continued seeing each other, their feelings grew deeper as they became better acquainted.

Knowing Earl on a personal level, his culture, and his good Korean and good looks are the things that helped his feelings develop little by little, Sean admitted. For Earl, having deep conversations and learning more about each other made him realize his real feelings. It was all a gradual process, and it turned out Earl would be the first one to confess his love!

However, the challenging chapter of their love story happened when Sean returned to Thailand to continue his final year at his University. It was hard to be apart after their feelings had deepened, but they followed what they knew was best for them. As a result, Earl and Sean experienced being in a long-distance relationship — visiting each other rarely and communicating through FaceTime for at least 2-3 hours a day.

The Present

When the pandemic occurred, there was a bright light among all the negativities. Sean worked as a translator and a freelance tour guide, so often he'd be working from five in the morning until midnight. But the pandemic-enforced isolation gave him a chance to stay home. Earl also had to cut his stay in London short and finish his master's program in Korea. Spending more time together allowed them to learn more and take care of each other. Earl even discovered how great of a cook Sean is!

It was then when they started doing TikTok! At first, the couple saw some videos on Instagram and decided to try the app and join the fun. They already had an IG page, but there was only so much you can see in photos. However, they didn't expect to receive so much love on TikTok! With nearly 200k followers, Earl and Sean found warmth in the followers that expressed them as a source of positivity and inspiration. It inspired them to take care of themselves more in both mind and body since they're role models for thousands!

The Future

Soon, when the pandemic is over, Earl and Sean plan to move to a country where same-sex marriage is legal. (Perhaps in a year or two? No one can tell when!) They first planned to get married earlier in London, but COVID-19 hampered the process, resulting in a postponement of their marriage. Being in a country where same-sex marriage is legal will confer upon them the same rights as straight couples. Although, they're already like a married couple even without the papers!

Had Earl and Sean never met, Earl would probably have returned to the Philippines after gaining two years of working experience in Korea. Likewise, Sean would have not been in a serious relationship and stayed in Korea for work.

Pride Month Messages

In Korea, being openly gay is a challenge Earl and Sean both face. Unlike other developed countries, Korea still views same-sex relationships as taboo. Nevertheless, they are thankful to be able to share their love on their platforms. Although, they know it's not all the same for everyone.

"Everyone has their own way of celebrating pride. As long as you're happy with who you are and what you have, being proud doesn't have to involve a grand gesture of proclaiming your love for someone or your sexuality. If you're in a position where it's difficult to be out, that's understandable. Everyone has their own time in coming out, but the point is that you should value yourself. You are important. You are loved. Even if you're not out, there will be people out there to support you in your journey to coming out as well." - Earl and Sean.

For those still trying to understand their sexuality, Earl and Sean say it takes time for everyone. "You will have an idea, but there's a moment of realization when it will all make sense. Don't rush things. There might be some people who will pressure you, but it's your journey. Don't be afraid to speak to friends who can provide support and guidance."

When it comes to a happy relationship, the couple says communication is of paramount importance. It is important that both parties express their feelings and listen to each other. Your partner can't read your mind, so instead of sitting on your thoughts, you should make them know exactly how you feel!

What could be purer than being in love? From the most unattainable illusions to the most unbearable pain, love submerges you in an irrational fantasy— but only a few have the opportunity of experiencing it in its most authentic form. Earl and Sean have indeed formed a strong bond of love we all could ever wish for. May their love story continue to bloom and inspire many. Check out more of Earl and Sean through Instagram and TikTok @earlandsean!

(All Photos Courtesy of Earl and Sean)




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