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GOT7’s Youngjae Swoons Fans with his Sweet Voice and Charm in his SUGAR Mini Concert in Manila

GOT7's main vocalist Youngjae just held his "SUGAR in Manila" Mini Concert and Fansign last July 23 at the New Frontier Theater in Manila. It was a momentous time for Filipino Ahgases, not just because Manila was in luck to be Youngjae's first stop for his international tour, but because he is the first GOT7 member who came back to the Philippines after almost three years.

Last June 21, Youngjae released his second mini album, 'SUGAR', with the title track of the same name. The album consists of four more tracks: Focus, Crema, Nothing, and With You. The singer-songwriter executed his exquisite vocals on every track. Besides being known as a genius vocalist of GOT7, the 26-year-old idol is also an actor, featuring in dramas such as "Not So Worth It" and "Love and Wish," and also starred in a lead role in the musical “Song To The Sun.”

Photo Courtesy of New Frontier Theater Twitter

And as expected, Ahgases were ecstatic to see Youngjae! As soon as they saw him walk on stage, the crowd started screaming and cheering loudly. Youngjae kicked off his mini concert by showcasing his powerful vocals and dance – performing his hit songs, "Focus" from his recent second mini album, and "Tasty" from his debut mini-album, Colors of Ars.

"It feels so amazing and so beautiful, so beautiful guys, and you know, you are always beautiful," Youngjae said to his Filipino fans. The venue was brimming with so much energy, which made Youngjae smile when the Filipino Ahgases waved their beautiful lightstick again for the first time. "Really long time no see," he continued.

Later on, the mini-concert proceeded to a series of segments where Ahgases was able to get to know him a little bit more.

Photo Courtesy of New Frontier Theater Twitter


In preparation for his Sugar in Manila Mini-Concert, he mentioned that he got sick recently, that's why to rehearse, he would go and practice as soon as he ends his radio show. When Youngjae was asked what the key point of "SUGAR" is, he enthusiastically answered that the key point is just him. When asked about his memorable moments in his radio program 'GOT7 Youngjae's Bestfriend', he said every story Ahgases sent him was special. Ddaldi (a.k.a. Youngjae's DJ name) expressed that he really loves to speak in English and is eager to learn; that is why he's watching many Youtube videos.

There is no denying Youngjae's love for Jollibee. He mentioned that when he arrived in Manila, he immediately tried the Chicken Joy, spaghetti, and peach mango pie - and loved all of them! He kept saying how much he enjoyed the food. The last time he visited Manila for GOT7's Spinning Tour in 2019, he and his members had no leisure time. "But this time, I had a leisure time; that's why I was able to swim yesterday," Youngjae said.

During the mini-concert, Youngjae was asked to try to say different Filipino words like "Pangako" (promise), "Gwapo" (Handsome), and "palakpakan" (clap), and he was enthusiastic to converse with the audience.


Youngjae continued the event with his overflowing charisma for the second segment, "Guess The Song"; he even did a lot of singing and dancing impromptu. An Ahgase since debut named Aiah, even won a signed poster from Youngjae when she correctly guessed GOT7's song, "Girls Girls Girls." The last segment that definitely challenged the Filipino Ahgases was a "YES or NO Quiz" with Youngjae. It tested how much they know their favorite idol from his likes and habits. After Youngjae's warm interactions with the Ahgases, he performed two of his self-written tracks, "Vibin" and "Sugar."

The day finally came for Youngjae to perform again in front of his fans—and he couldn't be more thrilled. "Philippine solo mini-concert was really great, it was perfect," he said. And there's one thing he will remember, "Oh right, the Philippine's scream was really loud," he added.

Youngjae said he wants to come back and do more fun things with Philippine Ahgases, and he looks forward to it and will definitely prepare for it – and when he says that, he means it.

Of course, the mini-concert did not end without a gift for Youngjae, because Filipino Ahgases prepared a short yet sweet video message dedicated to their best boy. The video was filled with fun and memorable clips of Youngjae not just as a solo artist but as a GOT7 member. It sent a sweet message mentioning how they are thankful for the idol's hard work and dedication. It also ended with a congratulatory message for his comeback. And we're sure he'll treasure this moment forever! After watching the fan-made video, he told everyone that maybe if it was like this sweet, he should have gone earlier.

Due to the outbreak of coronavirus, travel restrictions made it difficult for him to come to Manila and do some activities. However, now that the restriction is gradually being reduced, he said something that elicited cheers– "I promise, I will be coming here more often," he vowed. To keep this blissful event in a snap, Youngjae posed for a selfie with his Filipino fans.

The mini-concert is almost over, but it's not quite time for Youngjae to go. The next song on his set-list was "Crema," and he also performed GOT7's latest comeback track, "Nanana."

In the latter part of the mini-concert, Youngjae surprised the concert-goers when he sang GOT7's debut song "Girls, Girls, Girls" to the delight of many fans, bringing back a flavor of nostalgia. It was like seeing an old friend again because it reminded them of their favorite group. Youngjae's been extra that he is, so he went down the stage to hype them up-close.

The mini-concert then proceeded to a group photo session, followed by a fan sign for lucky Filipino Ahgases. A goodbye session happened for both mini-concert and fan sign attendees.

From serenading the venue with his enchanting vocals to revealing his sweet and quirky sides, it was indeed a sweet night to love this sunshine even more. Filipinos Ahgases are hoping to see the GOT7 members come together again to perform in Manila.



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