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Harry Fang is Living Life on His Own Terms

It’s definitely hard to keep up with the fast-changing trends. Staying abreast can be quite challenging and can sip out most of our energy—especially when we're dwelling in a world that is heavily defined by expectations, norms, and conformity.

Living life on our own terms becomes a radical act of self-expression, but international model Harry Fang has no problem dealing with all that. With his chosen lifestyle, he remains afloat, composing his own symphony and blending the notes of individuality and authenticity, all under his own rules.

This fashion and sports enthusiast loves to take care of himself. He says that he exercises almost every day, with a mindset that maintaining a healthy body and mind is a significant part of his self-expression. His dedication to fitness not only reflects how he looks but also the confidence and energy he exudes in every aspect of his life.

Apart from doing what we know he’s best at—modeling—he also knows how to sing. “Sometimes, I sing when I take a shower, and I love it,” he candidly shares.

But what’s even more surprising and intriguing is that he also knows how to do pole dancing.

“Actually, I can also dance. I was a pole dancer before I became a model,” he reveals.

In an industry often shaped by conventional standards, his multifaceted talents serve as a testament to models like him who can excel in a diverse set of skills probably unknown to us and are not limited solely to perfecting their image for the camera or the runway.

Harry excels as an example of giving an ode to his individuality and self-assurance, thereby proving that one can defy expectations. As he shares, "Remember, Harry is not just a good-looking guy; I’m learning how to be kind and tolerant, and I have a beautiful heart too.”

In addition to this introspection, he also positions himself to find solace in traveling. He shares that two of his favorite travel destinations can be found in Europe, particularly the cities in Spain and Italy, where a lot of them are on his ‘favorites’ list. On Instagram, he shares more of his vacation travels and showcases his easy-going and bright personality.

His chosen lifestyle is probably a tapestry of his personal preferences. It’s a mosaic he built throughout the years that is now seamlessly woven into the fabric of his daily life. As Harry turns 30, he just wants everything to be simple—just him enjoying life to the fullest.

And that is how he lives life on his own terms.

Photography and Styling by Rxandy Capinpin

Featuring Harry Fang

Words by Hans Ethan Carbonilla



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