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Heating Up the Season: Meet the PARCINQ Boys of Summer 2023

Do you still remember the iconic "The Hunks"? For millennials and early Gen Z, this group holds a special place in our hearts, captivating us with their extraordinary talent and irresistible appeal. From Jericho Rosales and Diether Ocampo to Piolo Pascual, Carlos Agassi, and Bernard Palanca—these OG heartthrobs had us swooning for years. If you're yearning for a similar experience, we've assembled eight men ready to set this summer ablaze. In 2023, allow us to introduce our handpicked selection of new-gen beach hotties who are set to bring a fresh wave of excitement to your summer.

Meet Ju Young, John Vic, Iven, CJ, Joker, Sam, Zach, and Ricci. This dynamic crew embodies everything we seek in our ultimate summertime squad. We're shining the spotlight on this sensational lineup of rising stars, athletic powerhouses, versatile models, and budding talents that demand our attention. With their magnetic presence and striking looks, they're the epitome of a summer love that will linger in your memories. Get ready to embark on an adrenaline-fueled summer escapade that will leave you exhilarated and yearning for more!


Ju Young

Physique chiseled like a masterpiece, Juyoung effortlessly showcases a combination of physical perfection and a fiery attitude that captures everyone's gaze in PARCINQ'S Boys of Summer issue. Recently arriving in Manila, he has just inked a contract with one of the most distinguished model agencies in the Philippines, Mercator – known for representing the country's top-tier and elite models. From representing his country Korea in the prestigious Global Asian Model 2019 to his consistent presence on the modeling scene and fitness competitions, he has been steadily building his name and leaving a lasting impression.

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How would you describe yourself?

I'm like Michelangelo. Michelangelo had a variety of talents and was also the best in the field. I also have many talents and like various challenges and experiences. Always passionate and always achieve what I want to achieve.

Tell us about pageantry and modeling careers in Korea.

I have won a traditional Korean costume competition, and I have won many awards and experiences by participating in various model competitions and fitness competitions. I have participated in competitions in the Philippines and Thailand, but now I came to the Philippines for a visit.

What are your hobbies or interests outside of modeling?

I like bodybuilding and musical songs. I exercise every day, but when I have time, I listen, watch, and learn musical songs. I like musical music as much as I like sports.

What are your sexy points?

My sexy point is my back and arms. While exercising a lot, I'm satisfied with my back and arms. I personally feel it is the sexiest because I'm showing my efforts, regardless of what I look like.

What type of summer activities do you enjoy doing?

I like swimming and wakeboarding. Actually, I like all the games played in the water, but I like swimming and wakeboarding the most. If I have a chance, I want to go to Cebu and swim with whales.

This shoot was your first gig here in the Philippines. How was it? Any stories to tell?

The Philippine sea was beautiful, and it was fun to film in such a place. The filming team, fashion stylists, handlers, and other teams that I worked with were pleasant, fun, and free people, but their skills were so good. It was very sensual and made a perfect work. I was so touched, and it was the best shoot. I'd like to thank them again.

John Vic

John Vic is no stranger to the rigorous routine of staying active. With so much discipline in him, he flaunts the rewards of tough labor with his flawless physique in this edition of PARCINQ Boys of Summer. Juggling his athletic duties and acting gigs while excelling at both undoubtedly amplifies John Vic's captivating qualities. His leadership earned them a historic podium finish in Men's Volleyball during the 2021 SEA Games. John Vic's early acting stints also prove that his potential as a star actor is not far-reaching. Indeed, he is so much more than what meets the eye.

How do you stay sexy? Do you have personal commitments regarding it?

I make sure to work out every day and eat healthy. I also avoid alcohol unless there's an important celebration. As an athlete, lakas ng katawan ang puhunan namin [healthy and strong body is our bread and butter].

Is there a particular role you're looking forward to in acting? What's next for you as an actor?

Any role is a blessing. But to be cast in a romantic comedy and action project would be a dream come true.

If given a chance to play volleyball overseas, who do you want to be teammates with, or which club do you want to play for, and why?

Japan or Taiwan, where they give so much importance to Men's Volleyball.

What are your favorite summer activities?

Just going to the beach and hiking.

What are your charms or sexy points?

Probably staying active gives you that certain level of charm.

Summer song recommendations from your playlist.

Overdrive by Eraserheads or anything old-school music.


With a fresh aura and a boy-next-door quality prominent in his PARCINQ's Boys of Summer cover, Iven channels his natural and sweet appeal. This 25-year-old model-influencer, who is also signed under Mercator Agency, creates a unique flair that sets him apart in the world of modeling. Exuding confidence and embracing an optimistic mindset, he strides to be a versatile muse everyone can look up to.

Tell us a little bit about yourself and how you started your modeling career.

Hi, I'm Iven Lim from Mercator. The story of how I started modeling is quite fun. It all began at my friend's birthday party, where I met a manager who asked if I would like to join. I eagerly said yes. It was an incredible opportunity for me to become part of this amazing agency. When I was younger, I used to watch and admire models, wondering what it would feel like to be one of them. Now, I've been given this chance, and I feel incredibly amazed.

What are your aspirations for your modeling career?

My aspirations for my modeling career are to work with reputable brands and designers, build a strong portfolio, and establish myself as a successful and versatile model in the industry.

What's a surefire way to turn you on?

An attractive quality to me is a combination of inner worth and external appearance. I am attracted to women who possess not only physical beauty but also intellectual depth and a strong understanding of life.

What do you think is the sexiest part of your body?

I think the sexiest part of my body is my back. I don't know why; I just think it's sexy. (laughs)

How do you unwind this summer?

I have no plans for this summer yet, but I'm considering returning to Siargao for a week. It would be a fantastic place to relax and unwind.

What was the best advice someone gave you when you were starting as a model?

No one gave advice to me about modeling, but someone said to me before entering this kind of industry that I have to be confident, have my own character, and wag gayahin yung iba kasi [don't imitate others]. We are unique in our own way, so yeah, in short, just be yourself with confidence.


CJ is proving once again that a sexy mindset overcomes all odds. In his third attempt at the sport, he turned his breakdowns into breakthroughs by helping the University of the Philippines defeat Far Eastern University in the 16th FilOil EcoOil Preseason Cup. Rebounding from a setback, the basketball sensation is more than ready to blast the hardcourt with his dominant aura and natural game instincts. And what's a sexier way to prove your doubters wrong? Play each game like your last and ensure that all your efforts won't go unnoticed—something CJ has consistently mastered.

How different was your summer before from your summer now? Some summer TMI to share?

Before, when I was still in high school, I wasn't able to go out that much because our grandparents are quite strict when it comes to us, their grandchildren, going out, and our whereabouts in general. So my summer back then was family focused, and I have a little to no chance of spending summer with my friends. But comparing it to my summer now, given I have enough capacity to provide for myself, I get to enjoy a bit of leisure when my schedule is not packed.

What do you find sexy in other people, and how does it turn you on?

I find it sexy when people have a good attitude. I think it is the most important trait one person can have. I always try to see good in the people I surround myself with, and I believe in that more than physical attraction.

Give tips or ways to become as hot as you are.

I would like to think that being "hot" is subjective, but in general you must work on yourself. Always think of ways on how you can continuously grow physically, mentally, and spiritually. Focusing on yourself will make you appreciate and love yourself more. If you love yourself enough, everything else follows.

What's one summer activity that you want to experience for the first time or try again? Is there a special reason behind it?

Surfing! It's been a year since I last did it, and because of my recent injuries, I'm not allowed to do it again. The reason why I love to surf is that I like the thrill, and I try to discover something new and other hobbies to learn.

Now that you're back to playing basketball after enduring all the misfortunes, what do you think is sexy about your mindset now that you're bouncing back to lead UP once more?

It's really all about perspective. When something bad comes up, I do not let myself drown in negativity. There is always a lesson to be picked up in every bad situation. A positive mindset can bring you peace of mind and a whole lot of motivation to work and pick yourself up!

Recommend a film about summer or with summer vibes.

I recommend Senior Year!


Aside from his full-flavored voice, 1st. One's Joker also takes pride in his idol-glow visuals. Versatile performers like Joker have a certain appeal, and we're not quite sure how to resist it. He is serving us with enthralling looks and unquestionable talent, not just on this issue but all day long as a pop star. Dancing, rapping, singing, and composing music? Name it. Joker has the know-how to enchant us; we'll surely fall captive to his remarkable charm.

More than just the physical, what does "being sexy" really mean to you?

Being sexy is not only based on physical appearance but the way we handle our confidence in ourselves.

Do you have interesting summer plans this year?

I wanna spend my summer vacation on the beach, specifically at Zambales, where I can relax and feel the calming view together with my family.

Where is the best summer hotspot to unwind?

Zambales Beach is an interesting spot to unwind where you can feel at peace.

When do you feel sexy as a P-Pop idol?

Every time I'm performing in front of people because they're giving me the energy to boost my confidence.

When you receive comments or feedback about your sexiness, including ones that may come across as strange, how do you typically respond or manage them?

I always take it as a motivation to continue what I started.

Summer song you're LSS-ed with.

As it Was - Harry styles


Sun-kissed skin and in a summer daze, VXON's Sam conquers this season like never before in his PARCINQ Boys of Summer cover. Sam sets aside his cool boy aura to bring out a lush energy that sends Vixies' hearts aflutter. Sam is no stranger to flaunting his sexy side, just like the irresistible charm he brought to the table during their music video in Breaking Bad. He's got a natural knack for showing off his hot appeal, and it's always a pleasure to witness whether you're a Vixies or not. With a genuine desire to make a musical impact, the 23-year-old P-pop idol opens up about his experiences and triumphs. He is consistently fueled by passion and determination – eager to showcase his artistic growth and versatility.

You are on a blind date. How would you introduce yourself?

Hello, my name is Sam. And you?

What has been your biggest career highlight so far?

VXON itself.

Do you think you are romantic?

I really am, but if you don't want me to, I'll try something else.

What kind of qualities make someone stand out to you?

Genuinity. Smile and personality.

How do you stay in shape during summer, especially when you have a busy schedule?

I work out to relieve some stress or whenever I overthink. So wherever I am, I can do a full workout.

One song on your summer music playlist.

Every Summertime by NIKI.


The 23-year-old athlete turned-actor has already been featured in several television shows including, He's Into Her Season 2, Meant to Be, Imposter, We Rise Together, Teen Clash, and Tara, G! He has also appeared in Sam Concepcion's "Diwata" music video. Zach has a passion for body fitness and sports such as MMA, football, and basketball. In his earlier years, he showcased his athletic valor as a varsity player at San Beda University. Joining the roster of Rise Artists' remarkable talents, a creative haven for notable artists such as JC Alcantara and Jeremiah Lisbo, Zachary shines as one of their brightest gems. As he slowly raises his name with a passionate heart and unwavering motivation, he's on an unstoppable path toward stardom.

When did you realize you wanted to enter showbiz?

I used to play pretend with different types of characters back then when I was a kid and would imitate movie characters a lot as well, so I've had an interest in acting ever since and one day, when I tried out for theater and went into showbiz I knew it was my passion in life.

Who's your biggest acting influence?

I would say a lot of the great actors like Al Pacino, Cillian Murphy, etc., especially Arjo Atayde when he did his role in the Netflix series Bagman.

What do you want them to know more about you?

That I'll be that someone who will be one of the greatest in show business here since that is my goal as of the moment in life.

What's the sexiest thing someone could say to you?

Nothing specific but nothing is more sexier than talking with each other with loads of cuddles hehe, like the sensual feeling.

When do you feel the most passionate?

Whenever I do my work or doing something that I truly love, like working out. Anything that makes me do what I love, I strive for the best.

What is your perfect summer date?

My perfect summer date will be anywhere with my date. It doesn't matter if it's on the beach or anywhere out of the country. Wouldn't mind spending summer inside the house with your loved one, binge-watching movies and all.


As a seasoned trendsetter, Ricci is giving us a fresh and sensual look that all of us will craze over again for a while. Posing more casually than ever, this authentic side of the athlete-actor makes us love him even more. From TV and film castings to landing endorsements and playing for pro teams and the country, Ricci is not stopping anytime soon, leaving us yearning for more.

When do you call yourself "sexy," and what impact does it have on your day?

I actually don't because I don't wanna put something in my head about me being this or that.

What is your ideal summer date with your significant other?

Probably the beach or somewhere peaceful.

Do you think basketball is a sexy sport? What makes it sexy?

I think it depends. Some people don't see it as sexy as how sports fans see it, maybe because of the competition.

Aside from basketball and acting, what other personal and career ventures do you want to take up for yourself?


What's the sexiest compliment you want to hear from other people?

I actually don't know. (laughs)

If you had a chance to star in a movie set during summer, where would you want it to be filmed?

Siargao, for sure!

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