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Here's Everything You Need to Know About The Itchyworms’ First-ever Limited Craft Beer

Filipino rock band The Itchyworms has already established themselves in the “Pinoy Rock Pantheon” with numerous awards and recognitions under their belt for years. Now, it's time for them to up their game. 

The Filipino pop-rock icon has finally ventured into the world of craft brewing. Drawing inspiration from their hit song “Beer,” the band unveiled their first-ever own limited craft beer aptly named “Beer o Pag-ibig.” The limited merch features two distinct variants which they showcased during their press conference at Francesco’s, San Juan, Manila. 

As we get drunk to the beat of their drums, Parcinq wouldn’t want to miss getting the first taste of the band’s newest venture. 

Behind the Brew

When the band attended the wedding of Kelvin’s younger brother where they shared a special brew that night, the idea of crafting a beer sparked. While many others in the industry released typical merchandise like shirts, caps, bags, keychains, and other common items, they aimed to level up their game by releasing craft beer. 

With this, they approached Flat Foot Brewing Co. and asked them to collaborate in brewing their very own craft beer. During the process of developing it, they went for numerous tastings and trials and eventually discovered the precise flavor they aimed to achieve for their beer.

Bawat patak, anong sarap. Ano ba talaga ang mas gusto mo?

The craft beer comes in two special flavors. “Beer” is more of a light and clean-tasting blonde ale with a balance of tropical fruit flavor and the right amount of maltiness. The flavor has a five percent alcohol content as Jugs stated, “Makakarami kayo sa kaniya.” 

On the other hand, “Pag-ibig” offers a six percent alcohol content that caters to those who prefer a bolder flavor. It boasts exciting flavors of a hazy, cloudy, and floral beer that is sweet and bitter at the same time. Jugs described “Pag-ibig” as, “Mapait siya kasi alam niyo naman ang pag-ibig mapait diba?” 

Kelvin also added that combining both flavors would reduce its bitterness. The layout design of the beer draws inspiration from old-school beer designs. 

What to Expect for “Beer o Pag-ibig” Official Launch

“Beer o Pag-ibig” is set to officially launch on July 13, 2024 (Saturday), 6 pm onwards at 123 Block, Mandaluyong City. The event will feature live performances by The Itchyworms themselves along with other artists—Ciudad, Blaster, Ebe Dancel, and The Revisors. Attendees can also enjoy various exciting activities, booths, and games organized by GNN Entertainment Productions in collaboration with The Itchyworms. Tickets can be purchased at for admission of two and include a complimentary six-pack of beer. 

The launch of “Beer o Pag-ibig” marks the beginning of a new chapter for The Itchyworms, proving that their talents extend far beyond the recording studio.


Words by Angellie Delgado with Jairah Javines

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