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Here's How ECLYPSE Rave Slays Every Girl Group Choreo

Whenever girl groups take on boy group dances, we’re always captivated by their execution of their fiercest moves, keeping us glued to their powerful performances. Yet, it’s also equally impressive to witness boy group members flawlessly mastering girl group choreographies, the right way. 

And in P-pop, while we have a roster of P-pop boy group members nailing every girl group choreography, Eclypse Rave brings his own flair to the game. With each fluid movement, he effortlessly embodies the essence of girl group choreographies, infusing them with his own style and charisma.

In this list, we’ll show you how Rave leaves fans in awe of his ability to master any dance genre with finesse and precision through his TikTok videos.

The ‘Gehlee Effect’

User @rreeyyvvuu__ jumped into the “Gehlee effect” groove, dancing to Gehlee Dangca’s audition piece for Universe Ticket, slaying “Pretty Girl” by KARA. Gehlee herself gave a nod and reposted the video!

Big, Big Stage

Deserving to perform on the bigger stage, Rave also nailed IVE’s “I AM,” with one user even commenting, “he did it perfectly!”

What’s After ‘Like’

With over 1.5 million views on the platform, Rave certainly knows how to master IVE’s choreography. In this video, we’re raving over his adorable “baby boy” features—and let’s not forget AJAA’s JC (his close friend) photocard on his bag, probably saying “everyday, seize the day!”

Oh Shux!

Rave has also ventured into the tropical island vibe of BINI’s “Pantropiko,” effortlessly dancing with such ease and grace. He’s joined by Eclypse’s Dean on this one. 

You like it B.A.D.

Yes, not a girl group but this needs to be included. Because these days, Denise Julia has been “MOTHERING,” and Rave couldn’t help but admire her talent and dedication by having his own cover of B.A.D. 

Eclypse Rave’s TikTok is flooded with more of these covers, and we just couldn’t stop raving over his performances! 



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