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Here's How Mark Tuan Made the World Stop with 'The Other Side' in Manila

If there’s a line that resonated with us the most on Jan. 14, as GOT7’s Mark Tuan ushered us into “The Other Side,” it would be, “I want tonight to be just about us.” 

True to his words, it became a night to remember, where Mark transported us into a world where time seemed to stand still. 

Ahgase, we understand that you’re still riding the high from last night’s concert—because, honestly, we are too. To smoothly transition from that unforgettable night, why not join us in indulging in a glimpse of the special moments that unfolded between Mark and us at the SM North Edsa Skydome.

Wesdaboy raises the energy high

Opening the show that night was Taiwanese-American singer-songwriter Wesdaboy, and he hyped everyone with the song “3AM.” His performance amped up the excitement, laying the foundation for a night filled with memorable connections and music.

Come and get it, Mark

The energy was unmatched, and the bar was high. However, it soared even higher when Mark revealed himself on stage, proving he is definitely not “Hard 2 Love.” As he emerged, the atmosphere in the skydome crackled with anticipation, infusing the space with raw emotions and authenticity during the performance of “After Hours” and “Save Me.”

But that was just the beginning—Mark took it up another notch with “Change Up” (with Ken San Jose) and “Your World” (OUR FAVORITE!) showcasing dance moves that we had dearly missed. His seamless transitions and choreography prove that he is a multifaceted performer capable of delivering a show-stopping experience.

More tracks were performed right in the feels and made Ahgases sing together with him: “My Life,” “One in a Million,” and “Last Breath,” among others. 

Shot puno!

Amid the lively atmosphere, candid moments unfolded as Ahgases playfully dared Mark to attempt the “shot puno,” (but it was actually water) a challenge that, we suspect, he may have picked up from Bambam!

Speaking of Bambam, Mark expressed his hope that the next time they return to the country, it would be as GOT7, performing together once again: “We’re still GOT7. Hopefully, one day, we can come back and visit you guys.”

Encore time

Craving more, Mark returned to the stage clad in a white shirt for his encore, hitting our hearts even more when he sang, “This is meant to be, not just a memory.”

He concluded the Manila leg, powered by PULP Live World, with “imysm,” and we’ll undeniably miss Mark “Pogi” Tuan so much!

Hopefully, the “tingi” era of GOT7 will be over, and we’ll have the joy of seeing all seven of them here again in Manila. But for now, let that post-concert depression (PCD) soak in, and allow the memories of this unforgettable night to linger. 

We’ll see you again, Mark (and Jayb, Jinyoung, Jackson, Bambam, Youngjae, and Yugyeom too)!



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