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Here's How Tugatog Music Festival Made One Night Last Forever

And just like that, it's over!

After months of delays due to the Covid-19 pandemic, safety policy changes, and headline uproar, Tugatog Music Festival finally came and left us wanting more.

The much-anticipated Tugatog Music Festival was held last July 15, 2022, and our favorite P-pop groups certainly didn't disappoint. As expected, Tugatog put together a big, high-budget production that lived up to the expectations of the P-pop community and beyond.

The production came up with unique concepts for the six-hour show, dividing the setlist into surprising collaborations between P-pop groups, and it was indeed better than one's wildest dreams.

We know you're all probably thinking, 'what's the whole point of this article then?' Well, friends. Here at PARCINQ Magazine, we know that you are still hung up on Tugatog Music Festival. Well, because tbh, same. And we thought, to move forward from that fantastic night, why don't we have our little post-Tugatog "Pagpag" moment. So with that, here's what went down at the biggest P-pop concert of the year.

It started with a BANG!

Stepping inside the event place, you can already feel that it is a night filled with hopeful souls, talented individuals, and supportive fans who share one common goal: to bring P-pop to the top.

The energy was unmatched, and the bar was high. But it went even higher when the ladies of MNL48, BINI, and P-pop Generation kicked off the event by giving a string of high-energy performances of their hit tracks: "River," "Born to Win," and "Prinsesa."

To say that the event is like a roller coaster ride is an understatement. Riding high from the first performance, P-pop Gen also took center stage to literally spread beauty and talent as they performed their song, "Boom Ganda" and "Ikaw at Ako." But just when you thought it was over, the music transitioned into the electrifying collab with R Rules and Calista for their cover of Maymay Entrata's hit song, "AMAKABOGERA."

At that moment, we knew that the night would be filled with more surprises and that we were up for more. R Rulers, A-lista, CoCoon, and Dreamies can attest to that!

The energy kept going

Following a high-intensity performance could make anyone go into shambles, but not if you are VXON. The group proved that they are the "Monster Rookies of P-pop" for a reason. Top Class: Rise To P-Pop Stardom trainees, who were also there, danced to the beat of the show's theme song, "Reach the Top," while on their seats. And to be honest, the TC x VXON interaction was quite expected as the group sang the theme song for the reality star search. Nonetheless, the performance was superb in all its aspects. I mean, the steps were sharp and correct. We could not ask anything more.

P-pop groups such as YARA and Press Hit Play also stepped on stage to pay homage to some of the most iconic OPM songs from the past years, such as "Dati," while Daydream and VXON aced the stage with "Triangulo."

Press Hit Play also performed their original tracks "Sambit," and "WIN" on stage. They went hard on this! Then, later on, shared the stage with Litz.

Litz prepared a thunderous set-list with "Kidlat," and "Natataranta."

Tugatog knows how to chill

The energy that night was wild and kept going— umping fans and group chants here and there. It was really a night full of energy. Luckily, Tugatog knows how to chill and when to chill. After the accelerating performance of our P-pop groups, Soloist Zack Tabudlo serenaded the crowd with “Nangangamba,” “Habang Buhay,” “Binibini,” and “Paano.”

The girl power was intense

It is safe to say that the girl power was felt during Tugatog Music Festival. The back-to-back performance of G22 of their debut single, Bang, and their latest single, Babalik, was nothing but a perfect representation of women.

As if the spotlight and stage light arent enough, the girls from the P-pop group DIONE also shined on stage while performing their debut song, "Bling Bling." Whereafter joined by G22 with their breathtaking collab performance of "Sumayaw Ka."

It was a nonstop experience

Much like the essence of the event, which is to make OPM and P-pop rise, OPM bands also performed.

But before that, the top 5 trainees from Top Class rocked the stage with their performance of "Diwata" by Sam Concepcion.

The Filipino Pop Rock band, The Juans, also performed and gave the audience all the feels as they performed their songs, "Umaga," "Salamin," "Hatid," and "Hindi Tayo Pwede." But just when you thought this would be a chill set, to sing our hearts out with these OPM love songs, 1st.ONE joined them on stage to perform "Atin Ang Mundo," of course, the crowd went wild!

It proves that P-pop is a force to be reckoned with

At this point, we are already flying high from the adrenaline and the excitement of what's coming next. That's when the boys from Alamat took the stage and proved that they are the next legends of P-pop. Performing their latest single, "Say U Love Me," the boys fired up the stage and made the crowd swoon with their vocals. But the party didn't really start until they sang their sweet and catchy tracks, "Sa Panaginip Na Lang" and "ABKD."

But it did not stop there. Blooms and Magiliws rejoiced as Bini joined Alamat on stage to perform their hit songs "Kbye" and "Na Na Na" together. Who would forget that cute showdown they gave us on stage?

Bini then took over the stage and continued to impress the crowd with their charismatic performances of "Golden Arrow," "Here With You," "Pit A Pat," and "Lagi."

World-class talents were unleashed

The performances were indeed solid proof that P-pop is a force to be reckoned with. World-class talents were unleashed, and the energy from the crowd was unmatched. Especially when the Aces of P-pop, BGYO, finally stepped in to unleash their versatility in performing "The light," "When I'm With You," and "Best Time." They also performed their latest single "Tumitigil ang Mundo" for the first time.

The MOA Arena crowd jammed along as BGYO and MNL48 performed "Sabay" and "High Tension" as their collab stage.

Soloing the stage, MNL48 also included fan favorites "" Ikaw Ang Melody," "365 Araw ng Eroplanong Papel," and "Pag-ibig Fortune Cookie" on their setlist.

The next act was boy group 1st.One who hyped the crowd with their performance of "Oh" and "You Are The One."

The energy was unmatched until the end

As we reach the end of any event, it is normal for the energy to start diminishing. But it was a different story during the Tugatog Music Festival. There was something in the air that night that made the P-pop community and the P-pop groups keep going and end strong— I think it's the one uniting goal that is to make P-pop rise.

At this point, I think we speak for everyone when we say that we thought that we've already heard all types of screams throughout the night. But we were proven wrong when loud cheers erupted from the crowd when boy groups 1st.ONE, VXON, BGYO, and Alamat joined forces to deliver a striking performance of "Shout Out," "The Beast," "The Baddest," and "Kasmala."

Alas, ending the Tugatog Music Festival once-in-a-lifetime event was John Walter together with the other artists as they sang the festival's official theme song.

It was an overall amazing experience

Tugatog Music Festival was indeed a night to be remembered. What the artists did during their sets was unbelievable. The nonstop dancing, singing, and fashion were crazy! It was definitely one for the books. It was such an honor and a fun experience for us here in PARCINQ Magazine to work and be part of the event.

Indeed, the P-pop industry deserves the world and beyond. There is so much great talent within our reach, and we must take it more seriously and by heart. The success of the Tugatog Music Festival is only the beginning of a much more colorful journey for OPM, and we are confident that this is not the last chance we will have to witness more promising P-pop artists in the next few years.

P-pop stans, be ready because a series of Filipino Music festivals will continue to run to serve our one goal, to bring P-pop to the top.


Words by:

Mark Baccay

Hans Ethan Carbonilla

Maryanne Roldan



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