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Here's How Zark's Fest 2023 Celebrates Filipino Talent and More

Name a much better combo than the pair of fantastic music and good food. Because in Zark's Fest, both seemed to be inseparable!

If there was a word to describe what transpired last weekend, that would be memorable. It was certainly a Saturday to remember, as the fusion of non-stop music and delicious food offered unforgettable experiences for everyone.

The much-anticipated Zark's Fest 2023 kicked off on May 13 at Circuits Event Grounds. This was presented and produced by Zark's Burger and organized by Gabi Na Naman Productions. As highly expected, the festival lived up to the expectations of music and food enthusiasts and stayed true to their promise of bringing quality entertainment while at the same time noshing on great eats and refreshments.

We've got a lineup of brands joining the festival with their interactive games stationed in their booths. And we also didn't have to worry about getting hungry during the day, as we've got the perfect solution—Zark's Burger!

Just being in the event venue, we could already feel the excitement exuded by the festival goers and the performers themselves. It was a total celebration of Filipino talent and a safe space for Filipino artistry.

What made the event even more wonderful and beyond were the presence and performances of some of the country's biggest music acts. Opening the show and hyping the crowd were rapper-songwriter Eli and producer Six The Northstar. The crowd cheered as this was the first time the duo performed for the Manila-based festival. Joining the party were more familiar music acts including Hey June!, Any Name's Okay, Lola Amour, SOS, and Kiyo.

The spirit of fun that time after those stages was unrivaled. But the bar went even higher when the ladies of the nation's girl group, BINI, made a grand entrance. They certainly knew how to make an everlasting impression to the crowd through their strings of high-energy performances, and it surely showed!

As the golden hour came, Autotelic painted the ideal vibe to accompany the beauty of the ethereal sunset. We've got nothing to do but jam along while admiring the environment and feeling the vibe we were in. Fit for an Instagram story!

The fun didn't stop there, as we were up for more. From one favorite artist to another, Urbandub, Sandwich, Ebe Dancel, and The Itchyworms graced the stage with their nostalgic song numbers. At that moment, we knew this would be kept as one for the books.

Zark's Fest mastered how to sustain the energy alive until the end, and that's true! Zack Tabudlo and Ben&Ben serenaded the crowd with their hit songs. It was also the perfect time to just sing along as both of them respectively gave the audience all the feels and emotions they needed.

Ben&Ben's stage concluding the event was the most graceful way to end the festival and send everybody home with moments they would never forget.

We cannot deny that in our local waters, there's an array of promising and great talents. With this, we just have to nurture, appreciate, and celebrate their artistry by heart and beyond. Zark's Fest 2023 was a manifestation of that.

We're looking forward to more local bands and P-Pop groups being part of the next edition of Zark's Fest. This is OPM!



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