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Here’s Why You Should Check Out NCT’s Last Unit ‘Wish’

Photo from nctwish_official/Instagram

Hands up, NCTzens! 

NCT’s newest and final unit, “Wish,” takes us on a ride filled with youthful energy and endless fun. Like a rocket soaring high with NASA, our neo babies (with an average age of 18.3) are set to make the fifth-gen stage even brighter with their light.

Before delving into their much-anticipated debut this month, here’s a rundown that shows Sion, Riku, Yushi, Jaehee, Ryo, and Sakuya​​​​ embody freshness and cuteness, possibly becoming the reason for your stanning journey in the Ncity to start.

Personality and relatability captured in reels

Check out those adorable and playful quirks – their visuals are always on point and never miss a beat!

Spontaneity of being young exudes

And if their behind-the-scenes content is the backstage pass, consider us fully committed accomplices to “Wish’s” wild ride!

Pre-debut releases are already bops

Born from the show NCT Universe: Lastart in 2023, this Japanese NCT subgroup is gearing up for an exciting debut, dropping pre-release hits like “Hands Up” and “NASA” along the way. 

Adorable interviews leave us gushing

On Feb. 1, they premiered “Wish Bakery – I’m Here For An Interview,” featuring Sakuya (maknae), Riku, and Sion engaging in the most wholesome conversation about themselves. This content leaves us with hearts full of fluffy clouds and smiles that last for days.

Screaming bestie vibes in their group selfies

Definitely on full blast in their group selfies!

Beyond being the six charming baby neos, there’s still more in store. Their official debut, set for February 2024, promises to be nothing short of memorable. So, NCTzens, brace yourselves for liftoff, because with “Wish,” the sky’s the limit!



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