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Holy Crab! This Is Every Filipino '90s Kid Dream Reunion!

This love month, we were treated to a reunion that made every Filipino 90s kid's heart full and stomachs fuller! The Singapore Tourism Board (STB) teamed up with the iconic 90s loveteam, Marvin Agustin and Jolina Magdangal, in the latest installment of Zi Char or Char Lang.

It may have already been decades but the Marvin and Jolens love team still has a tug at our hearts, especially with this long-awaited reunion. Their chemistry is definitely undeniable! And for STB’s third episode, the fans and foodies alike were brought together to rediscover why, just like Zi Char ingredients, they are a fantastic pair!

Discover Singapore Through Zi Char

If there’s anything that would let us know about a country’s culture, it’s definitely through their food. “Crazy delicious” is how anyone who ever loves to indulge in Zi Char (like Chili Crab and Cereal Prawn) would describe it. Zi Char dishes have put Singapore on the culinary map and it’s no wonder tourists love it!

“Marvin and I have done a lot of projects in the past, but never something food-related, so this is exciting for me. After all these years, I still get to try something unique and new,” shares Jolina about recreating the popular Zi Char dish. In this episode, we were in for a spicy treat as we were invited to recreate the unique flavor combinations of Zi Char dishes that you may have missed about traveling to Singapore.

“This episode is really close to my heart. Jolina is a big part of my life, and I am excited to share this special project with her. If you think about it, our partnership is really like a Zi Char dish. We have a deep history that we lovingly share with our fans, and our combination, no matter how different we are, just melds well together, and I really treasure that,” shared Marvin about his love-filled month reunion with Jolina.

While borders are still closed, STB is bringing Singapore to every Filipino with the travel itch. Zi Char has always been a go-to cuisine with huge portions and comforting flavors. Think how your lola does comforting home-cooked meals! That’s how Zi Char is to Singaporeans.

Don’t miss out on this flavorful get-together of Marvin and Jolina and learn a thing or two about our Asian neighbor, Singapore, through their food. Catch the latest episode of Zi Char or Char Lang episode available here.



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