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Home Buddies and Your Next Online Home 'Budol'

Our current situation has pushed most of our activities to be done online. Early 2020 saw us cooped up inside our homes in an effort to slow down the rapidly rising number of cases in the country.

And with all of us forced to slow down and stay put, we poured all our energy in the next best thing to entertain us--the internet. The community quarantines implemented have forced most people to turn to the internet to not only do their everyday work stuff, also for personal amusement.

And with people staying at home at all times, and with the internet probably reaching a saturation point at some point, many have refocused their attention to redecorating their houses and giving them fresh looks. After all, what better time to beautify one's home than when there is no choice but to stay there?

This, combined with the additional hours people spent online, has given birth to the Facebook group "Home Buddies," a community of people considered home enthusiasts. This group was only created in September 2020 but has now gained a whopping 460k members.

The group started with people posting their home improvements and home goals until the audiences in the group began asking for the name of the items in the photos and the store where they bought their home pieces. This is when the group started calling the things they purchased inspired by Home Buddies a 'budol.'

The Facebook group has various posts from wallpapers to entire home design; you name it, the group probably has suggestions on furniture and stores where to buy them. Some even directly ask for recommendations on how to decorate their houses.

Photo courtesy of Monna Katrina Acenas-Agdamag

The community has predominantly female members (70 percent). It is really not uncommon to see husbands jokingly complaining about their wives suddenly buying a lot of home stuff after joining the group.

The beauty of the group lies in its original goal: to inspire people to get their dream homes. The Home Buddies group has turned into a platform for people to share their hopes, the results of their hard work and their experiences in achieving these. It allowed people to aspire for their #HomeGoals and, little by little, achieve them.

Photo courtesy of Alyssa Nicole Alumno

Home Buddies also opened a whole new world of home-living for some people. It allowed for the exchange of ideas, a showcase of creativity, and the opportunity for some audiences to know affordable stores and suppliers that can help them get their #HomeGoals without shelling out too much money.

Of course, as the group became bigger, some brands took advantage of this wide audience as they started to do live sellings and offer special promotions for the Home Buddies' members.

If you're interested in becoming a member, getting special offers, and being the next 'budol' influencer, check out their Facebook group here.



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