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Hyunyeop on Being Passionate to Showcase His Diverse Sides

Hyunyeop might look quiet and reserved on set, but he is actually mystifying in more ways than one. When he flashes his smile at everyone, it's not just his bright aura that hooks you in but his charming point is something you would want to know more about.

As a nameless trainee then, Hyunyeop survived his way out of Wild Idol, which catapulted him to debut through his aegyo and immense passion for music and performance. Having a talent for composition and lyricism, Hyunyeop is steadily producing his path to stardom with the rest of TAN. Standing out for his cute image and bubbly personality, it's no question why Hyunyeop is considered SODA's happy pill. But you’d be surprised to see a different flair in him once you dive deep into his range of artistry.

In this exclusive interview, Hyunyeop reveals he's more than passionate about solidifying his craft beyond the image he's known for. Read on to hear what he has to say about the projects he wants to embark on and how he is paying back the support of SODAs one stage at a time.

Q. Describe yourself in the way you think your fans would describe you.

Hyunyeop: Hmm... A genius puppy who is good to SODA...?!? (laughs)

Q. You said you want to be a singer with good influence on the public in various ways. Seven months into debut, how are you realizing that goal?

Hyunyeop: I’m always trying my best to get sincerely close to SODAs. I really enjoy going on stage and singing, and I always do my best to make the SODAs feel that whenever they look at me.

Q. Share with us a new thing you're eager to explore, whether it be in music or other endeavors.

Hyunyeop: If ever given a chance, I also want to try acting. I am working hard so that someday a good opportunity will come to me too.

Q. What is another side of you that you want SODAs to recognize?

Hyunyeop: I may always look bright, but I also have a lot of thoughts, and I also have a serious side.

Q. You became a fan favorite because of your cute image. Do you like to show this more, or do you want to be seen now in a different image, such as charismatic, mature, strong, etc.? What image do you think suits you well?

Hyunyeop: I’ve been thinking about it always, but I want to show various sides. I don't want to become a person who is solidified by only one image. I believe that SODAs will also like my various appearances!

What is your message to Filipino SODAs who supported you on this tour?

Hyunyeop: Thank you for making unforgettable memories, Filipino SODAs. The next time I’ll come, I hope to show you more improvement, and I’ll show you my dance performances. I think it was time to give back our gratitude for supporting us since our debut. Now and forever, mahal kita!


Full Credits:

Photography by RXANDY CAPINPIN

Art Direction by JOE ANDY


Fashion Film by IAN FRANCISCO

Camera Operator POGS FRANCISCO



Shot on Location B&B STUDIOS

Ranque Styling Team

Head Stylist MARK RANQUE

Associate Stylists SUYA LEE, JIYONG PARK




Hair and Make-Up by NARIN KIM and DAYEONG LEE

Project Coordination by MA. ESTELA LUCENA NERI

Interview Translations by HANNAH GRACE BALTAZAR

Special Thanks to ShowBT Korea, SBTown, and Think Entertainment.



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