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In Full Bloom: Here's a Look at the First Star Magical Prom and its Fashion

Like a star, each one has a unique sparkle at the first-ever Star Magical Prom. In a hotel turned lush floral garden transformed by Dave Sandoval, the event just proved that the future of local entertainment is bright, with the promising young artists having all that kind of glow we can’t really fight.

It was a night to remember as they projected what real star magic is in a gilded glamor-themed prom. Exuding royalty and class straight out of Bridgerton, they showed beyond doubt that the young crop of artists was in full bloom while walking the ivory carpet with their stunning ensembles.

There’s certainly no reason to blink as everyone charmed us with diverse looks worthy of appreciation. They were classic ones, amazing gowns, prince-looking suits, and fashion statements! And so, with great honor, we share with you our exciting line-up that definitely dazzled that night.

Aiyanna Wagoner

Hair and Makeup: Celine Lin

Ensemble: Frankie de Leon

Jay R Albino

Grooming: Aldrin Jalandoni

Styling: Naoi Kai

Ensemble: Michael Leyva

Edward Barber

Grooming: Aimee Gray

Hair: Jaymar Lahaylahay

Stylist: Team RainXEm

Ensemble: Ehrann Montoya

Aljon Mendoza

Grooming: Aron Guevara

Hair: Brix Batalla

Stylist: Aaron Mangasat

Amanda Zamora

Makeup: Julius Cabanas

Hair: July Vito

Stylist: Perry Tabora

Ensemble: Mark Bumgarner

Kaori Oinuma

Makeup: Aron Guevara

Hair: Brix Batalla

Stylist: Myrrh Lao To

Ensemble: LSW_PH

Jeremiah Lisbo

Makeup: Aron Guevara

Hair: Brix Batalla

Stylist: David Milan

Ensemble: Bon Hansen

Dalia Varde

Styling: Perry Tabora

Ensemble: Christine Lam

Gillian Vicencio


Makeup: Carell Garcia

Hair: Cristine Benoman

Styling: Ica Villanueva


Make up: Carell Garcia

Hair: Cristine Benoman

Stylist: Ica Villanueva

Gowns: Vee Tan Studios

Photographed by Alvin China (@no_name_ph)

Words by Hans Ethan Carbonilla

1 comment

1 Comment

Mollie Jim Florence
Mollie Jim Florence
Apr 01, 2023

Jay-R albino is so hot

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