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It’s Anthony Jennings’ Year, and He’s Making Every Moment Count

The best thing about dreaming passionately when we were younger is that it’s limitless. We dream without bounds. We liberate our minds from the shackles of what is and dare to explore what could be.

However, the older we get, the more we realize that it takes an ounce of courage to turn each dream into reality; that life isn’t just about dreaming and dreaming more. 

Yet, for someone as determined as Anthony Jennings, he turns setbacks into stepping stones and transforms challenges into opportunities, as he learns how to roll with the punches.

Rolling with the Punches

Just like any other aspiring dreamers who want to get a shot in the entertainment industry, whether as actors, idols, or reality stars, the 23-year-old artist’s journey has been marked by challenges and perseverance.

From his early childhood experiences of moving from one home to another to the years it took him to secure a spot in Star Magic’s pool of talents, the “Love At First Stream” actor has shown an incredible display of resilience and grit. And despite all these challenges, one thing he’s certain about and will never die is his love for the craft of acting.

“This is what I wanted to do, and maybe that’s why, despite all the struggles I went through, I just keep moving forward without losing hope that I will reach my goal,” he shares.

Auditioning for a role in ABS-CBN is a significant step and a bold move for the younger Anthony, especially when he mentioned that he did not know how to read and write. But for him, it did not become a burden; and he’ll be the one to tell us that everyone can learn, and “we just need to be observant with our surroundings.”

Perhaps, for someone as naturally inclined towards acting as he is, he found himself participating in workshops with Star Magic after that audition, and for him, everything happened so fast. 

His story echoes the universal truth that the path to success is often paved with trials and moments of self-doubt. However, his persistent pursuit of what he wants never falters, and the reward is always the sweetest.

And where did that pursuit lead him to? A role in one of the highest-grossing films in the country, Hello, Love, Goodbye in 2019. 

“Challenges and hardships will always come our way, but we just have to be tough through all the difficulties that life may throw at us. Right now, I’m doing well.”

So, when life throws him lemons, the rising actor to watch out for in 2024 rolls up his sleeves and makes plenty of lemonade.

Embracing Opportunities

The unpredictability of the showbiz industry unfolds as its most surprising aspect—the emergence to fame frequently happens when least expected. Anthony’s snowballing from one project to the next exemplifies this reality.

His biggest break yet is being part of the Netflix and Kapamilya Online Live series “Can’t Buy Me Love.” Playing alongside Donny Pangilinan and Belle Mariano, he breathes life into the character “Snoop Manansala” and has become one of the most beloved and talked-about roles since the series began airing.

One word to describe the well-received reception? Grateful. “I am very grateful that Snoop makes people happy. Snoop and Irene are loved by the audience even if they’re always fighting.”

Bringing Snoop to life is somewhat challenging for him, figuring out how to make the viewers laugh without inducing cringe. However, it didn’t really become a hassle for the “Can’t Buy Me Love” star, as, like Snoop, he is also a joyful person and willing to do everything just to get by in life.

When you think his expertise in acting ends just like that, he reveals that most of his banter with Maris Racal (Irene) is not scripted. Their unexpected on-screen chemistry is not just a product of rehearsed lines but a spontaneous connection that adds an extra layer of charm to their performances. 

“The Iron Heart” actor’s ability to bring an unscripted dynamic with Maris showcases a natural talent which further elevates the viewer’s experience and makes them highly relatable.

“CBML gave me a lot. I am overwhelmed by the love people have for Snoop. Whenever possible, I try to engage with those who recognize and praise me. I love expressing my gratitude and appreciation to people.”

Gearing Up for More

Experiencing the desire for recognition and the longing for works to hold relevance for people are common challenges for most artists. However, for Anthony, navigating through these pressures is something he handles with ease.

“I don’t pretend to be someone I am not.” In the seemingly cutthroat industry, he is in, this is something he believes sets him apart from other rising actors of his generation.

As a “what you see is what you get” person, he has a belief that genuine connections with the audience are built on authenticity and is reflected not only in his words but also in his actions, defining his approach to his craft—and that will never, ever be taken away from him. 

Looking ahead, he expresses a hopeful outlook, anticipating more projects moving forward. Regardless of the nature of these projects, his commitment remains steadfast – a pledge to consistently give his best in any endeavor. 

And for his personal aspirations, he wants to finish school and hopefully invest in something that he will be calling “his” in the future. 

Anthony’s ascension to stardom did not happen overnight, nor was it accidental. As we grow older, we encounter the idea that everything happens for a reason, and this notion gains more significance with time. The reasons we once thought insignificant when we were younger, in fact, the very reasons why we find ourselves here today.

Yes, the older we get, the more we realize that it takes an ounce of courage to turn each dream into reality; that life isn’t just about dreaming and dreaming more. Yet, for our cover star and the next big thing in Philippine showbiz, he not only understands the highs and lows of dreaming, but also embraces the risks that come with making those dreams come true.

From this moment on, as he rises from the ashes, as he learns how to roll with the punches, as he makes more and more lemonade, and as he claims 2024 as his year, Anthony Jennings is making every moment count, and he’s not wasting any of it. 


Photography by Rxandy Capinpin

Art Direction by Joe Andy

Production Coordination by Chardy Baldoza

Cover Story by Hans Ethan Carbonilla

Grooming by Aaron Guevarra

Hair by Mycke Arcano

Assisted by Jam Jacobe

Styling by Myrrh Lao To

Styling Associates Joshua Galang and Mai Chua

Photography assistance by Royd Loyola

Special thanks to Rise Talent Management / Mico Del Rosario and Gerson Raven 

Shot on location at Cafe Mabini, San Juan City



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