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J-pop Megastar Hikaru Utada Returns with the Music Video Release of the New Single “One Last Kiss”

Hikaru Utada banged the J-pop culture with her highly-anticipated new single “One Last Kiss” as the theme song for the anime film, Evangelion: 3.0+1.0 Rhrice upon a Time, the final installment in the Rebuild of Evangelion tetralogy. The evocative music video of “One Last Kiss” was directed by Evangelion creator Hideaki Anno. The visual soundtrack was released on March 9th at midnight, the same time the song was released.

The visual for “One Last Kiss” zooms around the J-pop icon capturing the longing and persisting melancholy expressed throughout the theme. Offering a look into Utada’s life vanished from the Japanese entertainment industry. The music video shows the artist living her life in the United Kingdom underscored by her talented vocals. Amidst the pandemic following the required measures for COVID-19, Anno created the music video by letting the artist film herself in London then sending it to him in Japan to process and edit into the final video.

Since the music video premiered, it has already amassed more than 200K views on YouTube in the first 30 minutes and has piled up over a million views in less than a day.

Don’t miss it, watch Hikaru Utada’s “One Last Kiss” here:

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