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Jaejun on Keeping His Promise and Staying True to his Role

Resonating deeply with people—not just through his performance—but through his words, Jaejun might just be the definition of a modern idol: casual, authentic, and relatable.

Jaejun has made quite an impression during his stint on Wild Idol. He was then number 31, who always looked hungry to win. With his strength to rise above every challenge, he eventually found himself on the podium as TAN’s main dancer.

On Jaejun: Coat and Pants by Mark Ranque

While others might see him as a default stand-out or a major scene stealer, he’s more than just his star appeal. Meeting him for the first time, I can definitely feel the warmth and sincerity behind his words. He's welcoming and engaging to talk to as he tries to speak and incorporate Filipino words every step of the way. He shares that he’s the type of person who acts sincerely not only to SODAs but to all people around him. With that much passion, I must say, he sounds like he’s well on his way to charming everyone around him.

With the world at his feet and everyone as his audience, Jaejun gives us a sneak peek of what it's like to be TAN's main dancer and shares his cute promise to Filo SODAs in this exclusive interview. Read on to get to know this “Prinsipe'' some more!

Q. How would you want Jaejun to be known for?

Jaejun: I want to be known as the Prince of the Philippines.

Q. After debuting, what were some new things you’ve learned about yourself?

Jaejun: Everything is new and exciting, but something that I found out while preparing for this promotion in the Philippines is it seems that I have a talent for speaking Tagalog. (laughs)

Q. Take us back to the first stage/show you’ve had as a member of TAN. What went through your mind during that time?

Jaejun: Somehow, with the members who overcame that difficult survival show, we were excited to finally be able to meet SODAs, and I promise to keep my original intentions and do my best in every moment.

Q. What does it mean to you about being TAN’s main dancer?

Jaejun: All positions are important, but I think the main dancer, in particular, plays a role in maintaining the center of the team's performance and leading the direction of the stage performance. When performing, I work hard to show a perfect image with the members without being biased to one side.

Q. How much do you love what you’re doing now? Describe your feelings to us.

Jaejun: I always think of it as my last time. We are really working hard on every stage.

Q. Message to Filipino SODAs who are calling you now as their “Prinsipe.” How did you feel about that?

Jaejun: Next time I visit the Philippines, I will show you more fluent Tagalog. I will surely come back as a prince.


Full Credits:

Photography by RXANDY CAPINPIN

Art Direction by JOE ANDY


Fashion Film by IAN FRANCISCO

Camera Operator POGS FRANCISCO



Shot on Location B&B STUDIOS

Ranque Styling Team

Head Stylist MARK RANQUE

Associate Stylists SUYA LEE, JIYONG PARK




Hair and Make-Up by NARIN KIM and DAYEONG LEE

Project Coordination by MA. ESTELA LUCENA NERI

Interview Translations by HANNAH GRACE BALTAZAR

Special Thanks to ShowBT Korea, SBTown, and Think Entertainment.



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