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'Jikjin' Your Way to TREASURE With These Song Covers

Cover art by Rojan Maguyon

TREASURE surely knows a thing or two when it comes to captivating the hearts of the viewers. While their tracks from their Chapters 1 and 2 albums are bops, most especially the heavily loved 'Darari,' they aren't flopping either when it comes to giving their own renditions of classic and popular melodies.

Here are seven covers you'll highly appreciate even if you're not a Teume. Buckle up, and you might find yourselves 'jikjin' your way to them.

Latch - covered by Junkyu

It's undeniably a 'spot on' every time Junkyu showcases his falsetto. Not only does his voice sound amazingly good at this Sam Smith original (that we all know it's a challenging song), but he also attacks it with a fresh take as if he's just enjoying his time while letting those beautiful falsettos, fly.

Superstar - covered by Jeongwoo

The moment Jeongwoo opens his mouth and throws the first note effortlessly, we can see his soul overflowing in this classic Ruben Studdard hit. He hits those high notes as if he's just casually breathing. This song brings out the "superstar" that he already is.

Honesty - covered by Yedam

Yedam is every Teume's first love. Every time he sings, his popularity skyrockets a thousand times more. He proves this again when he covers Pink Sweat's Honesty. His voice just fords through the room and crawls smoothly to our ears. Afterall, he's not called 'God Yedam' for nothing, so much so that even Pink Sweat himself commented, "this goes harddddd." Way to go Yedam (and we miss you)!

Stack It Up - covered by Jeongwoo and Haruto

If you've been a Teume since the YGTB days, your heart was probably captured by HaJeongwoo. The unique and refreshing tandem of a deep-voiced rapper and a soulful vocalist work in this Liam Payne and A Boogie Wit Da Hoodie cover. It doesn't disappoint as it has over 21 million views, currently the highest number of views for a Treasure cover song. HaJeongwoo fans want a new one, I guess.

Beautiful - covered by Yedam and Jeongwoo

If there's a word to describe how Jeongwoo and Yedam sang the ever-famous Goblin's OST, Beautiful, that would be immaculate. As if we're hearing two angels descend from heaven and sing a lullaby that mends our heart's broken pieces. We need to have an official cover for this!

If I Ain't Got You - covered by Jihoon and Jeongwoo

Jihoon sings his heart out in this Alicia Keys cover with Jeongwoo on Idol Radio. Live vocals from both idols come through! The unique texture on Jihoon's voice adds to this cover's extra flavor. The only problem with this cover is that it's too short and we need a longer, official version juseyo.

Wayo - by Jihoon, Junkyu, Mashiho, Jeongwoo, and the OG singer, Yedam

Right at this point, TREASURE isn't a bed you should be sleeping for. The vocal harmonies from Jeongwoo and Jihoon and Yedam and Jihoon at 1:55 and 2:40 respectively are to DIE for. That 'goodbye' note from Jeongwoo at 3:05 is just... chef's kiss. At 1:51, Junkyu once again shows off his effortless falsetto. And Mashiho's sweet vocals, that we're currently missing, at 1:08 onwards just wrap this song into one of TREASURE's vocally powerful performances. What a treat!

Bonus! They also did a wonderful cover of their sunbaenim BIGBANG's Still Life. The rapper line, Yoshi, Hyunsuk, and Haruto are on fire!

There are still a lot of TREASURE covers that aren't mentioned here. If you're looking for a versatility of talent, well the group also offers dance covers AND EVEN A WEB-DRAMA! Just scroll through their official Youtube account. I swear, the last thing you'll know, you'll start to feel the so-called 'TREASURE effect' flowing in your system.



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