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Joaquin Domagoso Soars to New Heights in His Acting Comeback

Gearing up for a breakthrough in acting this year, Joaquin Domagoso, at just 22, showcases his prowess early on. In this new era, he is bound to exhibit his talents and what more he can offer to the entertainment industry in more ways than one. 

Each emerging actor possesses a distinctive quality, and the Sparkle artist stands out with his radiant energy. Sharing, “I love to spread that joyfulness to others – so everyone is just as happy as I am. Like ako yung friend mo na sobrang nakakahawa yung vibes kahit down na down ka or lowbatt ka lang, ako for sure magpapasaya sayo… I am just out here wanting to spread love, life, and happiness to others.” Growing up as the child of a famous actor-politician, he felt some pressure and had to meet certain expectations while entering stardom, but that didn’t become a hindrance for him.

“My dad always told me just be yourself and people will love you for who you are. The expectations – I stopped trying to meet them because of that advice. Like, I don't have to be good because I have to be like my dad, but I’ll be even kinder because that’s who I am and who I want to be.” 

His father had always been his role model when he started his acting debut. “I just wanted to be more like him and it’s cool how we are now both part of showbiz even though he never intended for any of us (my siblings) to be part of this,” he remarks. 

The young talent also mentions the dream that one day, he will be recognized not just by his name or as his father’s son, but by the characters he portrays in each project he undertakes. 

Juggling a budding acting career since a young age, Joaquin faces the ongoing challenge of balancing work and personal life. Grateful for the unwavering support during overwhelming moments, he extends his heartfelt thanks to those who fuel his passion.

In 2022, the model-actor gained acclaim for his portrayal of 'Knight' in the thriller film, 'That Boy in the Dark,' securing four Best Actor Awards across international film festivals. On the local stage, he was also honored with the titles 'Iconic Young Actor Ace of the Year' and 'Promising Young Actor of the Year.'

As he continues his acting journey, Joaquin envisions exploring diverse roles in the years to come. A villain in an action-suspense film, a character entangled in a love triangle, a carefree and goofy friend in a comedy sitcom, or a part of a BL series all top his list.

However, if Joaquin could embody any fictional character he resonates with the most, it would be Peter Pan. He admires Peter's charisma and unyielding belief in magic. Drawing parallels to his own life, he acknowledges a shared youthful exuberance and a past tendency to avoid reality, which occasionally led to personal conflicts.

Although, I’ve grown from that most of my life I lived like Peter, carefree, impulsive, and thrives on adventure but now I know my responsibilities and just do my best to balance it all,” he quips.

When asked what’s in store for the rising heartthrob in 2024, he teases:  “This year my show, Lilet Matias Atty at Law, that I’ve been working so hard on these past 4 months is finally premiering this February or March. I’m playing as your boy next door but with a twist—like grabe ang twist. That’s all I can say.”

Joaquin will portray Carlos “Kaloy” Matias in this upcoming legal series that will premiere on GMA Network. 

It is clear that what defines the promising young actor is his keen perspective in life, and embodying a woke mentality that resonates well with the Gen Z audience. His great performances as an artist are not just a showcase of talent but also a reflection of his strong, upright perspective on the often critical and judgmental world of the entertainment industry.

As the Sparkle artist returns to the showbiz scene, anticipation is high for the various skills and charisma he has yet to showcase. His return signals the start of something new in his career. Witnessing his promising abilities affirms his trajectory towards becoming a top star, not only in local but also international realms. 

Photography by Rxandy Capinpin

Grooming by Mycke Arcano

Hair by Bhads Castor

Styling by Mark Ranque

Words and Interview by Maryanne Roldan

Special thanks to Sparkle GMA Artist Center

Shot at 48 Scout Castor House Studio



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