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JUNE ROUNDUP: The Perfect Mix of Summer Bops and Unique Drops

June is here again to bless us with LSS-worthy summer anthems. But this time, it's also reserved for underrated and rare beats that will hook you in all year long. From pre-leases, and debuts, to comebacks, each offered something new to the table and set the standard higher than their peers. And if the K/P-Pop world is too vast for you to explore and discover the hidden gems, we’ve got a list to guide you on the way. Prepare as we take you on a trip of various concepts, themes, and genres.

SPOILER ALERT: It’s full of bops from underrated groups!

Hanbyeol – Double Like

This self-music video reminds you of Oliva Rodrigo’s. The retro aesthetic adds flavor to the song. Hanbyeol’s natural acting is very relatable to the newer generation. It tells the story of a woman breaking up with a man who doesn’t even take a glance at her. Yes, you go girl! Need no man who doesn’t see your worth. How can you not like like the MV and the meaning of the song itself, right?

Date Released: June 1

ADORA – Trouble? Travel!

The BigHit producer has so much talent you can’t help to Adora adore! She’s yet to debut—but she’s already blessing our ears with this feel-good song. The music video is top quality with those cute animations. It makes you want to travel again right away.

Date Released: June 1


hELP! VOCALS IMMEDIATELY SERVED IN THE FIRST FEW SECONDS INTO THE MV. I bet this R&B music will grace your playlists the moment you hear it. Seeing Summer Cake just singing in the MV is enough for you to stan this talented woman.

Date Released: June 2

CLASS:y – Classy

The girls sure know how to live up to its name. The music video and song are just pure class. The rather simple music video delivered with those cute graphics. It’s indeed a classy comeback for CLASS:y and we can’t wait for more!

Date Released: June 2

JO YURI – Love Shhh!

Yuri is proving to us again and again that she can shhh! us with her charm and skills. The former IZ*ONE main vocalist delivered top notch vocals as usual. The music video is likewise charming with the cute aesthetic and editing. Its brightness is very fitting to Yuri’s personality so haters, you better (love) shhh! your mouths.

Date Released: June 2

Rolling Quartz – Holler

This K-rock girl band is definitely rocking the rock! The dark mysterious theme of the music video matches the insane beats of their instruments. Vocals? SLAY! This indie band is making the most of its tight budget with their dope set. Rolling Quartz is setting the bar higher, and we can’t wait to see them go past it.

Date Released: June 4


The boys are back with a laid back and more relaxing concept. The pastel colors are very pleasing to the eyes, and it fits them well. That slow-mo effect in the chorus is addicting! They are vividly glowing this comeback.

Date Released: June 5

SON DONG WOON - Today’s Weather

The birthday boy gifted LIGHTs instead in the form of this chill song. The exciting and refreshing melody paired with Dong Woon’s vocals and visuals are definitely sending butterflies in your stomach. The colorful music video matches Dong Woon’s colorful tones. Today’s weather forecast says you must listen to the song and see yourself smiling from ear to ear for the whole day.

Date Released: June 6

CHEEZE - Pong Dang

CHEEZE is here to bless us again with her soothing dreamy voice. A feel-good song paired with a cute summer teen love storyline. And if that's not enough for you to watch the MV, there's also an element of Pride displayed in it. The aesthetics and plot will leave you smiling 'til the end—oh welp except that (pong) dang plot twist in the finale.

Date Released: June 7

BINI – Na Na Na

The one and only P-Pop entry this June is reserved for the nation’s girl group. The school themed-music video gives us F2F nostalgia. Outfit, makeup, choreography, vocals: ON POINT. Each member stood out with their unique styling. It’s a very cute and charming music video plus the catchy song leaves us LSS. Legends say Blooms are still humming Na Na Na.

Date Released: June 8


EXPLOSIVE. The girls came back with a bang. The upbeat song with fiery verses will make you pump up. Hard beat and sparkles? What a combination! They are lit for real. Listen now or else you’ll be in doom(chita).

Date Released: June 8


This underrated group is someone to watch out for. They gave justice to the dark-themed music video. Quality beat and e-guitar in the song. Plus, the howling? It’s sooo good. Who served? TRENDZ.

Date Released: June 8

woo!ah! – Danger

WARNING: It’s a danger to listen to this song because you might get obsessed.

The refreshing summery concept highlights the members’ top-tier visuals. The bright colors match the aura of woo!ah! And oh, that beat drop in the chorus is very fitting. They’re dangerously good!

Date Released: June 9

BTS – Yet to Come (The Most Beautiful Moment)

Do I need to say more? A god-tier song I believe but the best is yet to come, and we will wait for that until the boys are back. The simple and chill music video reminisces parts of their previous MVs. It gives ARMYs a nostalgic feeling and a flashback of how life has been for them with the boys in recent years. One thing's for sure: BTS IS HUNGRY FOR MORE.

Date Released: June 10


This gorgeously dark debut is killing soon-to-be stans with their insane skills. The vocals are up to par with the big groups. Nothing extravagant in the music video, just showcasing their talent. FAINIT will be a killer in the K-pop world soon.

Date Released: June 13

bugAboo – POP

The girl crush-themed comeback is literally popping in the beginning of the song. The chorus sounds like early 2010’s and we’re here for it. Production and skills-wise? *chef’s kiss* Pop is poppin’ in our playlist, that’s for sure! It’s safe to say that pop izza bop. bugAboo ate and left no crumbs for their first comeback.

Date Released: June 13


This rock-ish and dance-ish genre could easily pass as a hoe anthem, TBH. The music video’s editing is on point as well as WONHO's "I wanna make you crazy": YES! WONHO didn’t do much aside from dancing but he’s already making us CRAAAAZY.

Date Released: June 15

BDC – Blue Sky

A ballad entry for today’s videyow! The MV is very simple but feels so sincere. The nostalgic vibes and overflowing emotions radiate through our screens. Them vocals be like sending you straight to the blue sky—sounds like heaven.

Date Released: June 15


DRIPPIN says they can be a zero or one so that means…they could be a 10? The sci-fi-themed music video is definitely a 10 out of 10. And their visuals and vocals are totally not zero.

Date Released: June 15


The summer vibes of this sports-themed music video are a joy to watch. Coupled with melodic hooks and pleasant instrumental, it's similar with those bright pop songs we're all familiar with which makes it enjoyable to listen to. People play dumb by not recognizing early on the strong showing of vocals and rap from this group.

Date Released: June 15

PIXY – Villain

The girls are back reborn! The dark, criminal, badass, mystery aura of the music video is a new sight for WINXY. The editing for this disco & glitch song is superb. They have been reborn to breakaway from fairies to bring evils to justice. These ‘villain’ moves just made them the main character in the story and we love to see it.

Date Released: June 15

DAWN – Stupid Cool

DAWN’s recent release is way different from his last one. The fun concept paired with stupid cool animations makes both the song and MV a banger. Four months since February yet love is still in the air with this song for Hyuna. Did we just witness a proposal to her?

Date Released: June 16

Lionesses – Bon Voyage

The first openly LGBTQIA++ male K-pop group is back with a summer anthem for Pride Month. The music video expresses chill vibes and control. The message of the song conveys that it's you who decide how to navigate life in a fun way and drift away in pain. It’s a journey that we dictate. So, for our colorful friends, don’t let other people choose the path for you. You go, bae! Happy Pride!

Date Released: June 17


This unique and interactive five-member group debuts with an AI. The unreal visuals were highlighted in their gaming concept. On point animations and music video direction for a starting group. SUPERKIND is screaming “one more just one more” because this group is to watch out for.

Date Released: June 20

Girl’s World x ICU – Rapunzel

This debut collaboration doesn’t seem like one because the members blend so well. The group gives off princess vibes—Rapunzel found threatened. The cute and innocent debut concept is rare these days so it’s refreshing to see them pull it off.

Date Released: June 20

LOONA – Flip That

LOONA in their bright era is 10x more powerful. Their ethereal visuals are to be envied for *flips that table* The music is very girly and very empowering. Plus, it’s very addictive. Back from Queendom 2, the girls didn’t disappoint with their creativity!

Date Released: June 20

Kep1er – Up!

Another LSS-worthy song from the queens of Girls Planet 999. The girls deviate from their debut concept and pull off a summer one. Quality vocals and visuals as usual. The planning-a-dream-island-summer-trip theme is a delight to see. Kep1ian is up to accompany them for sure.

Date Released: June 20

Lapillus – HIT YA!

A Shanty debut? Yes, Pinoy Pride. Aesthetics-wise, the music video delivered. The beat drop in the chorus is somehow unexpected but still familiar. HIT YA! is a unique song as it’s instrumental- and dance-heavy. What’s more, it represents a horse. Watch the music video to understand what we’re talking about.

Date Released: June 20

Youngjae – SUGAR

The music video is all about love. Youngjae is evidently in love with the girl as he chases her. She so good but so bad like sugar and so is Youngjae to his fans. We're so in love with Youngjae's sweet vocals and visuals.

Date Released: June 21


The boy group is sending a loud statement: TAKE CARE OF THE EARTH. The environmental theme of the music video is very relevant these days. The beat drop of this funky/EDM song is so powerful that it defeated the garbage villains. TAN is definitely bringing something new to the table. And we say louder for the people at the back to hear their unique discography.

Date Released: June 21

Kang So Yeon – Loca Loca

From Singles Inferno to K-pop, So Yeon is doing a dramatic entrance. The Spanish-mixed Korean song will make you loca loca. Just her belting those notes is crazily good.

Date Released: June 22

The BOYZ – Sweet

Another bright era for the boyz and they nailed it. They look extra good in pastel colors and bubblegum-ish aesthetics. This cool, fun, catchy, summer vibes will be missed once they return to their natural core. We wish this was an official comeback tho—too sweet not to be.

Date Released: June 22

KARD – Ring the Alarm

The ace co-ed group is back after two years and they’re serving top-tier talent right away. Vibe and revive your body with their trendy moves and fresh bops. The new era for KARD begins. Ring the alarm to not miss out!

Date Released: June 22


“But I still remember all your favorites, but they were my favorites too. But everything I thought I loved was only ‘cause I loved you.” Just that snippet and I know this song will climb up your favorite list. This up-and-coming Korean indie artist is ready to take over the pop and R&B world. Listen and this might be your favorite song this summer.

Date Released: June 23

YUKIKA – Scent

The Korean queen of city pop is back with another banger. The still music video with a classic anime backdrop will make you concentrate on the music more. It rather acts as a lyric video—only if you could read Hangul. Nonetheless, the queen is queening with her heaven-s(c)ent vocals.

Date Released: June 23


Miss Im Nayeon didn’t need to pop off like that for her solo debut!! This big, bold, and exciting music is something K-pop fans are yet to hear in 2022 and Nayeon did the honors of offering it. The catchy song paired with a bubblegum music video is an easy contender for a summer hitㅡor SOTY actually.

Date Released: June 24

aespa - Life’s Too Short

It’s safe to say that it’s a song for the haters, imma right? The English-language single talks about doing your thing regardless of what others say (especially those anonymous behind the screens). The quartet was shown unbothered and just enjoying their lives in the 2000’s-themed music video. As they should be! C’mon life’s too short to not hear this masterpiece.

Date Released: June 24

Boa Kim - unicorn

If you’re looking for “chill vibes & vocals” to add to your playlist, this is it. The other half of KEEMBO debuts with a single to grace us with her soothing voice. It’s all fun, unicorn, and rainbows until you know that it’s apparently a song longing for her mom and regretting the past.

Date Released: June 24

BINI - Lagi

Another entry from the nation's girl group! The sweet bubblegum pop is honestly a strong contender for P-Pop SOTY. The powerful showing of vocals, rap, and dance makes the music more lively and loveable. The bright eye-catching set matches the colorful and vibrant tones of BINI. Is Lagi lagi in our playlist? Lagi.

Date Released: June 24

fromis_9 - Stay This Way

Need a refreshing comfort this summer? fromis_9 says no biggie. This uplifting summer track will once again sweep off listeners with their clear and fresh vocals. It expresses one's desire to break off from the dull life and embark on a journey to a paradise where you can fully indulge and enjoy yourself. If I were in that paradise, I could only say, "please stay this way forever."

Date released: June 27


HUTA is back with a booming rare sound in K-pop. Are you ready to hear this unique genre because HUTA says, "i'm ready you ready" to show it off. This hybrid wonk trap goes hard in every beat and so is HUTA in the MV. You definitely not want to miss out this once in a blue moon offering!

Date Released: June 27


Improved and quirky. Two words to describe the sextet's comeback. Unlike their previous release, the group ventured on a bright, beautiful, quirky concept this time. The buildup and chorus of the song are very addicting. Do not start me with the "boggle boggle" line because I might not stop. The robotic, expressionless moves of the girls are sooo fun to watch. Acting on point!

Date Released: June 27

YooJung (OnlyOneOf) - begin

This is the comforting hug for our colorful friends this Pride Month. YooJung dedicates this song to all those lovers that couldn’t be blessed. What makes this song cooler is it's not for clout or clickbait. You can really feel the struggle and coming into terms of the main character's feelings. It displays sincere melodies and unabashedly beautiful concept. We can't wait for the K-Pop world to be more accepting soon and for LGBTQIA++ representation to fully begin and blossom.

Date Released: June 27


Despite the evident lack of effort from the company, the girls of Q6ix still managed to pull off the vampire-vibed music video. The rock genre is showing promising potential and the music reminds you of those anime opening moods. With a better management, the quintet has the capability to make it big.

Date Released: June 28


And there you have it for our June releases—so far. What a ride that was! This has been your local music tour guide. Keep an eye on our next voyage.


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