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KILLER VISUALS: KPop Music Videos with Stunning Imagery and Design

Cover Art by Rxandy Capinpin

Korean pop music dominated just about every media platform in the last couple of years. More people are starting to appreciate the catchy tunes of artists like BTS and BLACKPINK, and both have shown exemplary work in their music videos.

Here are some of the Kpop artists that have released visually captivating (and at times trippy) music videos that compliment these bops. Some are criminally underrated and deserve merit for concept and genius use of props & lighting, camera work and set design!

1. VICTON - What I Said

2. GOLDEN CHILD - One (Lucid Dream)

3. MONSTA X - Follow


5. ONF - Beautiful, Beautiful

6. TWICE - Fancy

7. CLC - Where Are You?

8. GFRIEND - Apple

9. G(IDLE) - Oh My God

10. IZ*ONE - Violeta



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