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Kim Chiu Named Brand Ambassador for Leading Buy Now Pay Later App BillEase

BillEase, the Philippines' top buy now, pay later (BNPL) and consumer finance app, today announced that it has named Kim Chiu as its brand ambassador. The partnership highlights BillEase's mission to make online shopping and bill payments more accessible through flexible payment options and a vision to build financial services that delight and enable consumers. 

As an acclaimed actress, business owner, influencer, and fashion icon, Kim Chiu embodies the modern Filipina who seamlessly balances career, entrepreneurship, and personal life. With over 16 million followers across social media, she connects with a massive audience of digitally savvy consumers.

"I'm thrilled to partner with BillEase and introduce their convenient buy now, pay later solutions to my fans and followers," said Kim Chiu. "As a shopper myself, I understand the importance of flexible payment options.”

BillEase's buy now, pay later platform allows shoppers to split purchases into multiple installments with partner merchants from fashion, electronics, home goods, travel, and more. Customers can check out seamlessly online or in-store and even made easier when you scan with QRPh, available in 600,000 merchants nationwide. BillEase provides a convenient credit line to consumers like an e-wallet but you do not have to put in money first. 

Once customers sign up, they receive a credit limit, allowing them to make purchases at more than 10,000 partner merchants online and in offline stores through QRPH. We also offer mobile top-ups, bill payments, and cash loans. Many of our services are available without interest or fees for customers and, for others, we keep rates at an affordable level. Our platform is designed to have no hidden fees, ensuring transparency and trust. Our 99% automation rate ensures that our customers can access funding quickly when they need it most.

"Kim Chiu's story aligns perfectly with BillEase's mission. She's a self-made success story, someone who has built a remarkable career through hard work and perseverance.," said Jose Fernandez, CMO of BillEase. "We're proud to have Kim on board as we expand across the Philippines and give more consumers access to responsible spending power. She embodies our values and mission, and her journey to success is a testament to hard work and smart financial decisions. Through BillEase's flexible payment options and installment plans, we're helping Filipinos achieve their financial goals with confidence. Kim's down-to-earth personality resonates with Filipinos from all walks of life, making her a relatable and trusted figure”

Kim will promote the BillEase app through digital marketing campaigns, social media activations, and event appearances. She will highlight how BillEase can assist users in managing essential expenses like utility bills, while also enabling thoughtful budgeting for occasional treats such as fashion items, travel experiences, or lifestyle purchases. Kim will emphasize the importance of using deferred payment options wisely, always keeping one's financial health and long-term goals in mind.

BillEase is available on iOS and Android. To learn more, follow BillEase on Facebook, TikTok, and Instagram, or visit

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