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Kumu x Parcinq Finalists Timothy Canlas and Shin Kashiwagi Refuse to Let the Flame of Fun Flicker Out

Timothy Canlas

“Bejewelled, embellished, and full of glitter!” In the middle of his bustling schedule, these are the exact words that content creator Timmy Canlas (@timmytheninja) would use to describe the first few months of the year. Reflecting on his success stories from the past months, this description encapsulates how he feels about the current phase of his journey. 

For the very first time, he’s able to declare with confidence, “I deserve this!”

Last year, Timmy set a New Year’s resolution: to find a new job. But not just any job—he wanted something specific that would allow him to continue pursuing his passion for content creation. For him, the journey to where he stands today began as nothing more than a dream.

Although the dream may have felt only partially achieved, “The Eme Eme Show” streamer recognizes the importance of patience and trust in the pursuit of making his dreams happen. Now, as he looks back on the past year, he sees the fulfillment of his dream slowly and surely. He has found a way to strike a balance between his personal life—the “real world”—and his creative endeavors on Kumu—the “other world.” 

Winning the Kumu x Parcinq campaign, the social media personality humorously compares his journey to the iconic Carly Simon song, “Clouds in My Coffee,” likening it to a mirage—a surreal experience that defies expectations. Yet, it’s on the set, amid uncertainty and self-doubt, where he experiences a revelation. With a heartfelt embrace and a self-assured pat on the back, he realizes that he has indeed made it.

But he also puts the spotlight on his viewers as he quips “If I go up, you go up” and describes his niche as the “lead role” of his Kumu story. “If I level up or go another step up the success ladder, then I’ll tag you along with me,” he remarks. “Ohana. And that means family—no one gets left behind or forgotten.”

Driven by a deep-seated desire to inspire and uplift others, he sets forth into the future with unwavering determination. With every step he takes, he carries with him a message of courage—a rallying cry to all who dare to dream: “Kaya mo rin!”

Shin Akiko Kashiwagi

Whether on a billboard in EDSA, featured digitally, or gracing a magazine cover, Shin Akiko Kashiwagi (@shinity) finds himself amid a turbulent spin cycle, akin to a high-speed carnival ride where the unexpected is the norm, as he describes his 2024 as a “spin cycle on high.”

From navigating work commitments to injecting doses of fun into the busiest of schedules, the content creator paints a vivid picture of a life in constant motion, where challenges are as abundant as the laundry flying out at the end of a hectic cycle. 

As a self-proclaimed workaholic with an unapologetic penchant for fun, he approaches each day like a pro clown at a birthday party, effortlessly juggling multiple projects with a hint of mischief in his eye.

Amid the chaos, Shin embraces change like a fruit smoothie, blending new skills and conquered challenges into his ever-evolving repertoire. Each twist and turn of 2024 has brought with it a whirlwind of growth opportunities for him, culminating in surprise achievements that serve as testament to his resilience and determination, winning the Kumu x Parcinq campaign for example.

“As for being on the magazine cover? Never in my wildest dreams,” he shares. “The closest I came to magazine fame was clipping coupons from expired grocery flyers. Let’s just say my grandma would be ecstatic.”

Not like any other people who set up New Year’s resolutions for themselves, the Kumu streamer simply wanted no pressure from achieving those but just established some “suggestions” for a more laid-back approach, as he declares, “Why stress about achieving greatness when I can just, you know, be great?”

Having that low expectations, high output mindset, he found himself “accidentally” achieving everything he, at first, didn’t set out to do. “And now it’s time to celebrate with pizza and brainstorming even more outrageous goals,” he humorously remarks. 

But amid the hustle and bustle of professional endeavors and life’s unexpected and spontaneous detours, Shin refuses to let the flame of fun flicker out. Like a master chef, he skillfully incorporates moments of laughter and joy into the nooks and crannies of his jam-packed schedule. Whether it’s squeezing in a salsa dancing session between meetings or belting out karaoke tunes after a long day’s work, Shin understands the importance of nurturing his spirit amid the chaos of everyday life.


Photography by Rxandy Capinpin

Art Direction by Joe Andy

Words and Interview by Hans Ethan Carbonilla

Styling and Set Design by Dave Arden

Makeup by Nadynne Esguerra and Jhai Castillo

Hair by Vilma Legaspi

Fashion Film by Ian Francisco and Adrian Alegre

Produced in partnership with Kumu



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