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Leading Force: These Three Women Are Redefining Fashion and Leadership

In a world where fashion is just mere clothing to become a canvas for self-expression, three remarkable women stand at the forefront of the streetwear culture in the country: Ayie, Tina, and Thina—these visionary leaders have not only redefined norms but shattered stereotypes within both corporate and fashion realms. 

Steering the helm of iconic brands such as Vans Philippines, The Rail, and Guess, these women are at the forefront of the competitive fashion industry. Ayie, Tina, and Thina epitomize resilience, creativity, and unparalleled leadership, setting a powerful example for future generations as true lady bosses.

Ayie Tesoro 

Ayie spearheads the vision for Guess Philippines, charting new paths in the fashion industry as she champions empowerment and innovation. Drawing from her two-decade journey in the industry, Ayie positions herself as a "doctor" of fashion and marketing, seamlessly blending her innate flair with unparalleled expertise.

Embracing the dynamic evolution of the fashion landscape, she remains at the forefront by adhering steadfastly to Guess’ core principles: “So what do you do when it’s constantly changing a lot in so many ways? You need to be able to be flexible, in terms of innovation, like focusing more by sticking to the fundamentals of the brand.”

And with flair, she brought Guess’ to the forefront of mass-market fashion, she quips, “I always believe, in leading by example, I’m a coach and a teacher, and I don’t really mind sharing the ideas and experiences that I have with my subordinates.” 

Becoming a leader in the industry isn’t just an easy way; with her dedication and vision, she’s a testament that creativity knows no bounds. As she puts it, “Retail is constantly changing, you need to be able to adapt, you need to be able to innovate and you need to build loyalty on the fundamentals of the brand.”

Tina Ortiz

For the urban culture, Tina Ortiz is leading the charge as she is the trailblazing force behind Vans Philippines. Defying gender stereotypes with grace and determination, Tina’s journey resonates with the brand’s ethos “Off The Wall” anchored in art, music, and action sports. 

“Vans, with its simplicity, fits very well and is able to blend in with a wide spectrum of styles,” she remarks, as she describes the brand's personality. “That’s what makes Vans authentic. Vans actually stick to its pillars, like action sports, skateboarding, and BMX. Like this, many of the people in the community use vans because they identify with the brand.” 

Exemplifying resilience, the lady boss’ leadership shines through amid adversity, skillfully steering the brand through the disruptions wrought by the pandemic. Despite the challenges, she aptly reengages with the female market segment, fostering inclusivity even more.

“It was a bit of a challenge to build the top again, and when we were free to skate again we met some of the Skate munchkins. And some of the original skaters came back, and the female community came back and we are happy since we paved that way,” she reflected. 

Even with where she is right now, she always believes in the notion of “believe in yourself.” 

“Along the way, you will be discouraged by people who may or may not matter,” she noted. “You always need to listen to them, to grow. At the end of the day, this will help you be steadfast in what you do. And always believe that you’ll be there.” 


Kristina Mendoza 

Forging ahead as a visionary, Thina emerged at the forefront of The Rail, Illest, and Maui and Sons, propelling these brands to new heights. With a lot of experience in men’s fashion, Thina defies conventions in a predominantly male-dominated industry, carving her own path as a trendsetter and innovator. 

“We are the trendsetters,” Thina proudly declares, reflecting on The Rail’s introduction of Supreme and Stussy to the Philippine market, solidifying their position as leaders in mass-market streetwear.

Thina’s dedication extends beyond business success as she continuously challenges stereotypes prevalent in the male-dominated street culture industry. 

“It’s a male-dominated world, so they would stereotype me that I don’t know that, since I’m doing it as well, I was able to turn it around,” she explains.

Her determination propels Illest to dominate the Philippine car culture scene, garnering global recognition. Under her guidance, a culture of creativity and inclusivity flourishes within her team: “I would really encourage my team to speak their minds up. Then from there, I always encourage my team to have self-development [because] I’m a firm believer that experience is the best teacher.” 

With her current position, Thina serves as a living example that gender is not a barrier to success in male-dominated industries. “Just go for it,” she urges, advocating for strength and perseverance. "I want to empower people like you [who] can grow in a man's world. Cause right now, I really grew up in the men’s dominated world.”


Featuring Ayie Tesoro, Tina Ortiz, and Kristina Mendoza

Photography and Creative Direction by Rxandy Capinpin

Assistant Photography by Royd Loyola

Interview and Words by L.A Bendaña

Hair and Makeup Rye Ko

Styling by Ryan Viloria



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