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LOOK: BINI, G22 Elevate P-pop on Global Stage at Lay Zhang’s ‘Show It All’ in China

P-pop is making waves on the global stage, with girl groups BINI and G22 taking the lead at Lay Zhang’s “Show It All” in China.

The eight-member girl group, consisting of Jhoanna, Aiah, Colet, Maloi, Gwen, Stacey, Mikha, and Sheena, alongside the three-piece group AJ, Jaz, and Alfea, delivered show stopping performances in the April 25 episode of the Chinese idol show.

Dubbed the “nation’s girl group” and the most-streamed P-pop group on Spotify with 3.5 million monthly listeners, BINI showcased their viral hits “Karera” and “I Feel Good.” Dressed in all white for “Karera” and pink for “I Feel Good,” these P-pop stars, currently breaking records every day, demonstrated their vocal prowess, described by Filipinos as the “Filipino throat chakra.”

ABS-CBN Head of TV Production, Laurenti Dyogi, highlighted on stage that "'BINI represents the young Asian women, who are not afraid to show their individuality, express their opinions."

Meanwhile, G22 electrified the stage with the dance break of their debut song “Bang!” clad in fiery red attire, and showcased their vocal power in their slow song, “Babalik.”

The girls commended the show's production and expressed gratitude to the EXO member for the opportunity to perform in China and expressed that the show was their first international guesting thus far. 

BINI and G22 were invited to participate in a reality program, part of Lay and MangoTV’s performance exchange initiative for aspiring idols. This groundbreaking concept involves girl groups from various countries, including the Philippines, Malaysia, Thailand, the USA, and Japan, sharing performances and experiences with Chinese trainees.



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