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Love Beneath the Stars: A Story Pre-written by Destiny But Re-written by Luke and Dominic’s Love


After the release of the film The Boy Foretold by the Stars in 2020, a story about two boys and a fortune teller’s prediction of their fate, everyone was left wanting more of the adorable couple, Luke and Dominic! Luckily, it was announced earlier this year that Dreamscape Entertainment would give fans not just a special episode but a whole series sequel called Love Beneath the Stars! Continuing the story of Luke and Dominic after their happy ending, they must now face challenges as a couple getting ready to set off into a new journey of their lives.

The Pinoy BL World’s Awaited Sequel

The Boy Foretold by the Stars ended with Luke disregarding what “destiny” laid out for him. With a romantic kiss in the field surrounded by candlelight, Dominic and Luke not only marked the end of a struggle but also the beginning of a new era.

The Boy Foretold by the Stars

Love Beneath the Star’s prequel The Boy Foretold by the Stars spoke of a romance between two young individuals who complete the fate of a fortune-teller foretold. This all happens during a religious retreat hosted by their school. This coming-of-age romantic drama left an impact in 2020, claiming to be the first film under the Boys Love genre in the Philippines. It ended up bagging three awards at the Metro Manila Film Festival: the 2nd Best Picture Award, The Best Original Soundtrack, and the Gender Sensitivity Award!

Written and directed by Dolly Dollu, everyone is excited to see what the renowned director has in store for us in the sequel: Are we going to see Luke and Dominic’s relationship stay strong throughout the hardships of society’s homophobia and the incoming college life, or will they find that there are just some things in life that cannot keep their Love strong?

Love Beneath the Stars

Love Beneath the Stars keeps the same theme of its prequel going, showing us a new stage of wonder in the world of destiny! Our favorite couple Dominic and Luke, are now in a relationship, but being a gay couple inside of an all-boys catholic school is proving to be challenging to handle. After visiting Baby R, the fortune teller that Dominic first consulted, she tells them of a new set of challenges that will come their way.

On August 27th, the pilot episode of Love Beneath the Stars aired on iWantTFC’s Youtube Channel, available for audiences worldwide! After Love Beneath the Star’s first trailer was released, fans were shocked by all the details revealed within the three minutes. However, imagine the surprise when they found most of the scenes in the trailer were all in the first episode! Now, fans are not sure just how the story is going to go!

With new characters like Gio, the head of the student council and Dominic’s childhood friend, and the return of Luke’s ex Karen who can’t seem to let go of Luke, Baby R’s prediction is coming true just like it did back in the prequel. However, this time, it isn’t a bright fortune!

Fans hold many expectations for Love Beneath the Stars and pray that it’s just as impressive as the first movie. So far, everything’s looking amazing! Adrian and Keann’s natural chemistry as lead actors keep everyone’s heart pumping and waiting for the episodes to come every Monday at 8 PM on iWantTFC. If you still haven’t watched The Boy Foretold by the Stars, this is your sign! Witness a love story pre-written by the stars but rewritten by the hands of Luke and Dominic.



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