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Lyrica & Beat: On Creating Melodies and Building Connections

I came of age in a time when stars were no longer hunted by talent scouts. Instead, aspiring stars took charge of their journey to stardom, actively exploring a myriad of avenues to carve their own path.

Dreamers now stand at the crossroads of creativity and connectivity, where the ability to shape narratives and capture attention lies in the hands of those brave enough to share their stories with the world.

Amid this evolving landscape, Ma. Jessa Darilay, or commonly known as Lyrica Garcia (@lyricaaaaaa), has found a home in Kumu. Embracing the spirit of this digital age, Kumu offers a nurturing space for dreamers like Lyrica to showcase their talents, establish genuine connections, and redefine the conventional notions of stardom.

Now, Lyrica is ready to become the star of her own lyrics and the melody of her own song.

Begins with a Click

As a reserved and shy person, the singer-songwriter discovered a part of herself in streaming—finding joy in talking to people. 

“When I started streaming, I enjoyed conversing with the viewers on Kumu, gladly interacting with them,” she shared. “Having fun and making new friends who generously drop virtual gifts for my music motivates and inspires me to study and learn the songs they request.”

Platforms like Kumu empower dreamers to not just chase stardom but to bridge the gap between aspiration and audience in a way that was once unimaginable. Here, she’s not merely a performer but a storyteller creating immersive experiences for her audience.

“Aside from the usual singing and talking, I usually plan to engage my followers and audience to participate in a discussion on certain topics, or ask a follower to go up and showcase their dancing prowess, while I am singing upbeat songs.”

Her engagement with her viewers extends beyond duty; it’s a sincere connection actively fostered. Diverging from the common trend of singing among many streamers, Lyrica intentionally infuses each moment with joy. 

“Besides singing, I make sure that my audience will have a whole lot of laughs because I usually crack jokes to the delight and laughter of my audience,” she expressed. 

As the curtains fall on each live stream, she consistently expresses gratitude to her dedicated viewers. For her, it's not just about entertainment but creating a space where connection and laughter weave together into a tapestry of shared human experiences.

Beyond the Lyrics and Notes

Like any other dreamer, Lyrica hopes to write more songs in the future and dreams of performing larger shows with a band someday—perhaps at iconic venues such as the Araneta Coliseum, MOA Arena, or even the Philippine Arena. 

The prospect of weaving her melodies into the hearts of her listeners fuels her passion for musical expression. Lyrica’s journey unfolds as she sets her sights on these dreams, embracing the exciting chapters that lie ahead in her pursuit of making these into reality. 

She starts her musical journey with her debut song, “Aking Pasasalamat,” a soulful Tagalog acoustic piece that conveys gratitude and love towards her supporters, family, and friends. 

“The inspiration behind this song was my supporters on Kumu who wholeheartedly give their time, efforts and spending a lot to support me on my Kumu campaigns,” she said. 

The lyrics of the song are infused with heartfelt appreciation, with a genuine desire to make each listener feel valued and cherished. Through this melodic expression, Jessa sets the tone for a musical venture dedicated to spreading warmth and thankfulness. 

According to her, the chorus that goes, “Hindi makakarating sa dulo ng may ngiti at saya, kung hindi ‘nyo piniling samahan at huwag hayaang mag-isa (Can't reach the end with a smile and joy if you don't choose to be with me and don't leave me alone),” is dedicated to everyone who has loved and continues to love her unconditionally. 

Above all, this song is a fulfillment for her long-held dream. She is brimming with excitement, feeling overwhelmed yet immensely grateful for everyone who has been a part of her journey, supporting her at every step.

Words fall short in capturing the depth of emotions she is experiencing at this very moment, a culmination of hard work, dedication, and the unwavering support of her “famiLYRICA.”

Full-circle Moment

The best way to celebrate her Kumu milestone and debut song? An experience with Parcinq Magazine—an encounter where dreamers take flight into their own spotlights.

When asked about her magazine shoot experience, she described it as “phenomenal, amazingly remarkable, certainly interesting and overwhelmed, but at the same time grateful.”

The photo session with Parcinq not only captured the essence of her musical journey but also provided a platform for her to share her story in a visually compelling way and told us that she was able to show “the other side of Lyrica through the photos taken by Sir Rxandy Capinpin.”

It was a collaborative effort that further fueled her passion for both music and storytelling, elevating her celebration to new heights.

“The people there in Parcinq also motivated and inspired me to work hard and keep on going, to wake up in the morning and get my butt in gear just to make sure I would make it there on time.”

As Lyrica embarks on this musical odyssey, she stands at the intersection of dreams and reality, ready to compose her destiny with every note and lyric close to her heart and to the people who are eagerly waiting for her to shine even more. With this, she invites others to dream boldly and pursue their own path, creating a legacy that resonates far beyond the confines of a song.


Photography by Rxandy Capinpin

Interview and words by Hans Ethan Carbonilla

Makeup by Lars Cabanacan

Hair by Mycke Arcano

Styling by Dave Arden

Produced by Kumu



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