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Meet Kumu x PARCINQ Cover Star Jash Cunanan

In a world where creators are a dime a dozen, it takes more than just talent to stand out from the crowd. It takes passion, hard work, and the unwavering support of a devoted fanbase. For one exceptional streamer on Kumu, this formula has proven to be a recipe for success.

Meet Jash Cunanan (@jashuberri), a rising star on Kumu who has captured the hearts of viewers with her captivating performances and warm, welcoming nature. In this article, we delve into her extraordinary journey, from her humble beginnings to her recent success as the newest Kumu x PARCINQ cover star.

Life Online In the midst of the pandemic in 2021, much like every one of us, Jash's life was mostly online. But unlike most of us, she found this juncture a chance to take risks and try new things. That's when a talent manager scouted her from the FM Stars agency and suggested she try live streaming on Kumu.

Although she was initially hesitant due to her introverted nature, she saw it as an opportunity to showcase her talent and connect with people during a time when traditional auditions and live performances were scarce. Thus, in April 2022, Jash embarked on her Kumu journey, stepping into the world of live streaming with courage and determination.

But streaming online is not a walk in the park as some people think it would be. For Jash, it took her six months to explore various content genres on Kumu, from gaming to casual conversations. However, it was her gift for singing that truly resonated with her viewers. Embracing her passion for indie, acoustic, and rock songs, she found her niche, and her audience grew exponentially.

"Singing talaga that's how I met a lot of new gifters, friends, and viewers sa Kumu, then nung nag singing stream ako dun talaga ako nag grow sa Kumu," she happily shared.

Behind the screen It's easy to think that live streamers have it easy—how they smile, laugh, and interact with people online goes naturally. But you'll be surprised to know that our newest Kumu x PARCINQ's first-ever cover star describes herself as an introvert.

According to Jash, her life behind the screen is very mundane, much like the rest of us, she finds solace in household chores and quality time with herself, accompanied by her beloved music. Yet, like any journey, Jash has faced her fair share of challenges. Being an introvert, she admits that her social battery easily drains, leaving her feeling exhausted. But with her burning passion for what she does, she takes short breaks when needed, acknowledging the importance of self-care while maintaining a connection with her viewers. Through an exhilarating journey filled with countless sacrifices, Jash has successfully built her very own community. Comprising devoted fans, whom she lovingly refers to as Chaofans, her remarkable achievement stands as a testament to her unwavering dedication and passion.

Jash, a cover girl When Jash won the campaign and became the next Parcinq cover star, she admits that it was a moment of immense joy and gratitude. The campaign period was an emotional roller coaster, filled with anxiety, happiness, and exhaustion, but it was all worth it.

As the newest Kumu x PARCINQ cover star, Jash had her highs and lows. This is not her first rodeo, as she also joined our previous campaign but failed the first time. But the comeback is sweet for her, as this time she was able to clench the number one spot!

Throughout the campaign, her devoted Chaofans provided unwavering support, strategizing and cheering her on until the very end. The victory was a shared triumph, and she is deeply grateful to her Chaofans for making her dream their own.

Taking her shot Jash openly acknowledges that winning the Kumu x PARCINQ cover superstar campaign is an entirely new experience for her, and she is very ecstatic as she embarks on this journey for the very first time. The experience left her feeling confident and validated, with the realization that the new vibe truly reflected her unique personality.

When people say, "Don't give up until you make it," Jash wholeheartedly believes in its profound reality. However, she openly admits that her passion wasn't always ablaze, constantly burning at maximum intensity. In fact, there were moments when she contemplated abandoning her dreams. Auditioning for numerous agencies, experiencing canceled projects, and feeling the weight of time passing by, Jash found herself at a crossroads. Drawing strength from her own journey and capabilities, Jash wants to inspire others to dedicate themselves to their aspirations. She firmly believes that the immense love and talent that she has were not bestowed upon her in vain. With a rallying cry of "FIGHTING!!!" Jash invites fellow dreamers to join her in the unwavering pursuit of their dreams, trusting that their hard work will ultimately lead them to stand triumphantly on their own dream stage someday.

"To anyone with big dreams like mine, remind yourself: ‘There will always be a stage for me’. That's what I've been telling myself for years. Know your stage, whatever that may be. Whether it's a stage for artists, a hospital where you'd like to work as a doctor, or your ideal company or business, let's all work hard for it, and I hope we all see ourselves on our dream stage."


Photography by Rxandy Capinpin

Art Direction by Joe Andy

Words by Mark Baccay

Fashion film by Pogs Francisco

Makeup by Nadynne Esguerra and Lars Cabanacan

Hair by Mycke Arcano

Assisted by Jam Jacobe

Styling by Edrick Paz and Ryebread

Interns: Airabelle Mae Damalla, Manuela Joyce Tarrayo, Jessa Mae Jackson and Alexis Ampoan

Produced in partnership with Kumu



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