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Meet Kumu x PARCINQ Cover Star Pamela Gonzales

Exuding authenticity, gratitude, and passion, put your spotlight on singer, actor, commercial model, and Kumu x PARCINQ's first-ever cover star, Pamela Gonzales!

"I don't know what to feel yet; siguro (maybe) unless I see it [the magazine] physically. I'm still on cloud nine, and I'm really, really grateful because not everyone gets to have this opportunity," raves Pamela as she feels like she just won the campaign yesterday.

(For those new to Kumu, Campaigns are livestream contests where content creators need to go live and earn specific virtual gifts to win prizes– these can range from gift certificates to unique experiences, billboard features, and more. You can click here to learn more about campaigns, how to join them, and how to earn the coveted diamonds.)

It's no secret that live-streaming platforms boomed during the pandemic. Like many others, Pamela ventured to Kumu to seek alternative ways to support herself. Starting from scratch and finding it tough to navigate for the very first time, Pamela eventually found her niche of supporters who call themselves the Pamcakes. For almost two years now, Pamela has been actively engaged in the world of music streaming. One of her greatest challenges is staying current with popular songs and even mastering the classics so she can accommodate the requests of her dedicated followers and show them an appreciation for their unwavering support.

Streaming on Kumu has evolved into a lifeline for Pamela—not just as a source of income but also as an outlet from the shackles of anxiety and depression. While doing so, Pamela is steadfastly committed to presenting the most authentic version of herself. She believes that her genuine connection with the fans is the very reason why her supporters rally behind her every step of the way.

"Siguro because of kung gaano na rin kami katagal. I've been streaming for two years. Those people have been there. ‘Pag nagla-live ako, sila ‘yung unang pumapasok. Syempre, laking oras ang nalalako sa panonood. So I really, really appreciate it” (Maybe it's because of the time we spent together as well. When I'm on live, they're the ones who tune in immediately. Of course, so much time is spent just watching the stream. So I really, really appreciate it.

With such a passionate and genuine demeanor, it was actually the Pamcakes who prompted Pamela to join the Kumu x PARCINQ campaign, seeing it as a unique opportunity for her to gain even more recognition outside her streams. More than anything, Pamela owes it to her supporters, who saw her potential and believed in her.

Winning the campaign was a strategy that Pamela's team carefully crafted to spring a surprise and ensure victory at the end. From being down in eighth place, the unwavering Pamcakes catapulted her way to the top in the last minutes of the campaign, ending at the top rank with over eight million diamonds.

"The most exciting thing about this shoot is sharing this victory with my supporters. To those people na nag-push sa akin, na ‘eto na ‘yung gusto ‘nyo!" (To those people who pushed me for this, like this is it, the one you want for me!)

As fate would have it, being an established content creator now and winning the Kumu x PARCINQ campaign during Women's Month, Pamela strongly believes that women [content creators] should not be reduced to just their looks but rather celebrated because of their many talents & abilities. If anything, they don't have to prove themselves to anyone because their work speaks for itself.

Looking back on Pamela's Kumu journey and where she is now as a successful content creator, she attributes it to patience and trust. For her, everything will come to fruition at the right moment if you just trust the process.


Q. Three things you can’t live without?

Pam: Phone, hair iron, and concealer

Q. Travel overseas or travel locally?

Pam: Travel locally

Q. Online shopping or physical shopping?

Pam: Physical shopping

Q. Million followers or million viewers?

Pam: Million viewers

Q. If you could time travel, go rewind or fast forward?

Pam: Fast forward

Q. An artist on repeat in your playlist.

Pam: SZA

Q. Routine before coming up on stream.

Pam: Feeling myself, doing my makeup.

Q. Livestream topic you’re most interested in?

Pam: Music

Q. A fun fact about you that your followers are unaware of yet.

Pam: May scar ako dito kasi nauntog ako sa truck ‘nung bata pa ako. (I have a scar on this part of my body because I hit my head on a truck when I was younger.)

Q. Name a digital content creator that you look up to.

Pam: Kryz Uy

Q. Something you want to promote.

Pam: Self-love. In this generation, especially kids right now, are very focused on relationships. But they don’t know the most important relationship is what you have with yourself. Because at the end of the day, it’s gonna be ourselves.

Q. Words you live by.

Pam: It is what it is.


Photography Rxandy Capinpin

Art Direction by Joe Andy Makeup by Lars Cabanacan

Hair by Mycke Arcano

Styling by Dave Arden

Videography by Pogs Francisco

Cover story and Interview by Kryzzle Cailing

Produced in partnership with Kumu


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1 Comment

Mar 27, 2023

That’s my girl right there 😌🤌🏻

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