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Meet SBTown’s Newest Boy Group, PLUUS!

Get ready to add the fun with PLUUS - the newest and hottest addition to the P-Pop community! These talented young boys are set to take the world by storm with their catchy tunes and electrifying performances. Fans of P-Pop, hold on to your hats because PLUUS is here to bring even more excitement and energy to this already thriving music scene!

On March 31st, the Power Mac Center Spotlight in Circuit Makati was the site of a spectacular event - the debut showcase of PLUUS +ime is Now. The six-member boy group captivated the audience with their impressive dance moves, powerful vocals, and dynamic rap skills. It was clear that PLUUS had made a lasting impression on everyone present.


Consisting of six incredibly talented members, PLUUS has been deemed one of the most exciting P-pop groups to make their debut this year, and they certainly lived up to the hype with their debut stage.

PLUUS' name has a deep and meaningful origin. It is a combination of the words "PLUS" and "US," symbolizing the bond between the group and their fans. The name represents the idea that PLUUS and their fans are on a journey toward success and will continue to support each other along the way.

They underwent training at the SBTalent Camp with South Korean trainer Adie Hong and SBTown's President and CEO Geong Seong Han, also known as Tatang Robin, and is co-managed by Universal Records.

Members Justin, Haro, JL, Gab, Theo, and Yen have been working hard for the past four years, undergoing intensive training to hone their skills and perfect their craft, making them the most anticipated P-pop boy group to debut in a while.


PLUUS' debut mini-album, PLUUS +.Y.M., features three singles, "AMIGO," "MY TIME," and "CROSS MY HEART," which are all upbeat, catchy tracks that showcase the group's strong vocal abilities and impressive dance moves.

The members' creative and musical talents are highlighted in the songs they wrote and composed, each conveying a distinct concept and message. An irresistibly fresh mix of pop, hip-hop, and R&B, their live performances feature powerful vocals, sharp rap, and dynamic dance routines.

"The group members write the lyrics. Yung three songs namin, we wrote it all," Haro said. "Ginagawa namin usually, since there are six members, we will divide the parts to each member, magbibigay lang kami ng concept sa isat-isa tapos we will combine what we wrote and make it work," LJ added.

The group's hard work and dedication to their craft are evident in the quality of their music and visuals, setting a high standard for their future releases. If they can do that on their debut, what more can they offer in the long run? Definitely more!

PLUUS might be the new cool kids on the block, but they're already slaying the game with several plans up their sleeves. Mall tours, Campus hopping, new releases, and a possible Asian tour, we're already on the edge of our seats, waiting for what's next from this group. All we can say is, get ready to stan PLUUS hard!



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