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“Moments” Relived with Social Climb’s Newest Single

You're shrouded in a blanket of calm as you're transported back to your childhood. Days when you had all the time in the world to daydream and be carefree. You're safe, warm, and comfortable inside.

In an overwhelming world, it's important to have a place where you can relax and find solace. Whether it's re-watching the newest episode of your favorite TV show or blasting your favorite song on repeat, relaxing music is the key to finding inner peace.

If you're looking to escape from reality and find some peace, the 5-piece alternative band Social Climb's latest single is the perfect solution. "Moments," which was released this January, will take you back to your childhood with a nostalgic reminder of simpler times.

Social Climb's latest song fuses the best of indie rock and pop, with a little dash of guitar-driven nostalgia. The music is reminiscent of 2000's lo-fi indie sounds, while still sounding fresh and new. "Moments," makes me feel like I'm a teenager listening to cool music in my basement.

Bassist and guitarist Jeric and Jiggy Santos penned the lyrics for their single, aiming to keep them as relatable as possible.

Let us give you some of the lyrics that will definitely make you look back on the most memorable moments of your childhood life.

"We rode our bikes until the rain started pouring out; we sought out refuge inside our homes and played with our PlayStation as we lost track of time."

"It is so hard to see we're so different now, and I wonder what lies ahead now coz it's all a dream, it's just a dream, and all these memories will live forever."

Now that you're curious, check out "Moments" out now on Spotify, Apple Music, and Youtube!



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