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Newest Superhero Flick “ERO” Brings Nostalgia to Your Superhero Dreams

This holiday season, Globe Studios and UPSTREAM bring you a unique, engaging film that will bring you back to your superhero dreams!

“ERO” is your newest superhero film that will let you reminisce about the good ol’ days of you rooting your superhero favorites and your dreams of having your own superpowers to save the world.

Photos Courtesy of UPSTREAM

The superhero action-comedy film revolves around a group of high school misfits who become unlikely to save the world as they discover their “useless” powers.

Starring a new generation of young stars like Gabbi Garcia, Alex Diaz, Markus Paterson, Dylan Talon and Annika Dela Cruz joined by Dino Pastrano, this will surely change the way you look at how a real superhero should be and as you watch the whole film, you can’t help but root for each character and be their newest superhero pegs.

Directed by Joel Ferrer and Miko Livelo, “ERO” IS NOW STREAMING on Upstream PH!

Log on to and meet the newest superhEROes in town!



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