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No Luck on Dating Apps? This Pair Found Each Other on Kumu

Who would’ve thought that genuine love could sprout from the digital vines? Not in the trendy dating apps that have been buzzing since the pandemic, but in a surprising corner: Kumu, a Filipino live streaming platform.

And here’s where the plot thickens! It’s not your run-of-the-mill love story. This is more like a charming rom-com movie, starring Emidity, the streamer, and her loyal gifter, Kevin.

In each other, Emi and Kevin stumbled upon something unexpectedly delightful—a love that started online but felt as warm and genuine as a heart emoji or the “ibong adarna” gift lighting up their screens.

At present with over ten million downloads, thousands of creators, and averaging 60 million livestream views monthly, Kumu is positioning itself to be an avenue for grassroots communication between the streamers (even P-pop idols!) and their viewers. 

In this lively participatory community, Kevin, from the USA, found himself drawn to Emi’s livestream. “I started hanging out in her livestreams, and the rest is history,” he reminisces. “We started as friends and eventually, it led to a special connection between the two of us.”

As a Kumu streamer since 2019, Emi initially saw Kevin as just another guy in her stream—a fleeting presence. But as time passed, she couldn’t shake the feeling that he was different, and “he just did everything 10x better.”

With Kumu’s unique interactive features like “gift-giving” and “going up the stream,” the platform played a pivotal role in their relationship. It’s not just because they met there, but also because the entire niche community rallied behind them, cheering on their journey together.

In this digital age, where many may be navigating similar feelings of love for someone they admire or look up to, the couple shares the same piece of advice: be yourself and trust the process, because for both of them, “nothing is ever too late.”

So, you might want to set up your first Kumu stream now and let your journey to love begin, just like Emi and Kevin did. 



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