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No More Gatekeeping! Here’s How to Achieve the ‘Douyin’ Makeup Trend!

Now that the restrictions are reduced, we know you're probably already planning your next trip. Revenge travelers, this is our time to glam up, wear our OOTDS, and pose for the gram!

From the Euphoria-inspired graphic makeup look to monochromatic styles, these are the hottest makeup trends we already see on Instagram and Tiktok. I know we've been worn out by the constant barrage of makeup trends and sometimes we find the style a little bit intense. So if you're clueless about what kind of simple look you should go for on your next wander, here's a trendy makeup style that you should try, especially if you're in for a natural and stylish glow.

The 'douyin' makeup

We know you've probably heard about this trend before—the sun-kissed look. It's been all over the internet, and now it's making its way into our lives. This makeup style gives the illusion of being younger and more beautiful and is known to be popular among young women and teens.

We love the doll-like look of this makeup trend, and if you're a busy girl like me, this is the perfect way to get your skin glowing and refreshed without taking a long time to do it.

Photo Courtesy of @iiiiiiiiillllllo on Instagram

The ‘douyin’ makeup trend—something that plumps up the face and makes it look poreless—has been dominating the K-pop scene. We've even seen this look on IVE's Wonyoung, Everglow's Aisha, and Billie's Tsuki.

But, Where did this makeup trend come from? “Douyin” is the Chinese version of the TikTok official app owned by Bytedance. The trend started when Chinese beauty influencers, content creators, and celebrities used the platform to show off their natural makeup looks and its techniques. Hence, this tells why the trend is called “douyin” makeup.

You might be thinking, what’s so different about this latest viral makeup style? Well, this look highlights one's innocent and feminine looks while giving off a doll-like soft feature – perfect for east Asian women.

So if you want to achieve this look, here are some tips on how to do it and what products you will need.

1. Natural skin finish

This look is all about the glow. To kick start, use a primer to create a smooth skin effect, moisturizer for an extra shine, and a tone-up cream to even out your skin tone. Don’t forget to choose the right shade of your skin for the base makeup. Pat cushion base makeup all over the face, and dab concealer on your dark areas. This will give all the natural glow and dewy skin finish that is perfect for the look.

Photo Courtesy by @eppeun_beauty on Instagram

2. The contour and blush statement

To enhance your facial features like nose and jaws, use a shading or a bronzing powder. Go easy on contouring and blend it all out. Next is one of our faves. Blush up your cheeks by using a pink or red shade on your cheekbones, tip of your nose, chin, and above the corners of your eyes for a drunk blush effect.

Photo Courtesy by @douyin___makeup on Instagram

3. Flushed lips

Better have those luscious lips for this look. You can apply a pink or a mauve shade of lippies whether it's a matte or satin finish. But if you want the best of both worlds, do a gradient lip and apply gloss for some gleam.

Photo Courtesy by @douyin___makeup on Instagram

4. Pop of glitters

For the eyeshadow, use a soft base color, followed by a brown shade for the lower lash line and outer v, and top it off with glitter on the lids and inner corners. Putting glitters will bring all the attention to your eyes.

Photo Courtesy by @eppeun_beauty on Instagram

5. Winged on point

Feel free to go sassy or be simple with your eye makeup. Some prefer to put on strong winged eyeliner and some keep their wings subtle, which is sometimes called a cat eye.

Photo Courtesy by @eppeun_beauty on Instagram

6. Shimmers and Aegyosal

The best part of this look? The puffy under eyes. "Aegyo-sal," a Korean word for baby eye fat, focuses on getting your eyes more charming and inviting. So if you want to make your eyes brighter and bigger, better add this to your look. To achieve this, you may use a natural brown shade eyeshadow or a muted brown liner to draw a thin curved line that complements the curve of your under eye, make sure to blend the edges, and then apply a small amount of concealer or highlighter shade on top of the line and blend. Of course, don’t forget to add the shimmers!

Photo Courtesy by @eppeun_beauty on Instagram

So if you are like me who wants to go on a trip with a trendy makeup style or just looking for a new way to get your kikay self back , this look is perfect for you. From glittering eyelids to cherry lips, nothing is boring about this look and it’s easy to recreate. Better add this in your beauty inspos and go get that sun-kissed and doll-like look on your next trip, bestie!



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