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Novice x Parcinq Magazine Unveils Stickers to Elevate Your P-pop Experience

Get a chance to level up your P-pop game with the most epic decals of the season—the P-pop Stickers! As they say, if you like it, put a sticker on it! But not just any sticker, we're talking P-pop style!

PARCINQ, the leading P-pop magazine in the Philippines, has teamed up with the creative geniuses at Novice to bring you the coolest P-pop Sticker Collection! These stickers are more than just eye candy—they embody the true spirit of our beloved P-pop groups.

From catchy slogans to adorable sticker heads, these stickers capture the very essence of what makes P-pop so awesome! Stick 'em on your laptop, phone, notebook, or wherever you like, and let the world know that you're a proud member of the thriving P-pop community!

Elevate your P-pop experience by collecting these limited edition Novice x Parcinq stickers to show your love and support for your favorite P-pop group. The P-pop Stickers come in three exciting pricing options, ensuring a delightful experience for fans across different preferences and budgets:

Sticker Buffet - Select your favorites from a wide range of options with the Sticker Buffet, where you can choose seven stickers for only Php 200.00.

Sticker Pack - For those who find it difficult to choose, the Sticker Pack is the perfect solution. Priced at Php 250 per pack, it offers a curated selection of stickers, saving you from the struggles of making a choice.

Individual - For budget-conscious fans, the Individual option allows you to purchase specific stickers for only Php 35 each, enabling you to build your collection at your own pace.

To celebrate the launch of the P-pop Stickers, PARCINQ, and Novice invite fans to PPOPCON, taking place from July 14-16 at Quantum Skyview, Gateway 2. With free entrance to the event, fans can take advantage of this opportunity to immerse themselves in the world of P-pop and get their hands on these captivating stickers. Just a heads up, these P-pop Stickers are in limited supply, so grab yours while you can, Beshy!



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