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OhmNanon's Top 5 Romantic Scenes from Bad Buddy Series

Bad Buddy has been the most awaited BL drama from GMMTV since its announcement in 2020, and boy was the wait worth it! Since its release, the story of Pat and Pran — two individuals made rivals since birth because of their family's feud— has set the hearts of viewers on fire. With Ohm playing as Pat and Nanon playing as Pran, let's look at their fantastic chemistry and acting skills with these top 5 romantic scenes from Bad Buddy Series!

Pran's ID Guitar Pick

Pat and Pran were rivals in high school, but even then, fond feelings had started to stir when the two of them joined the same school band. One day, Pran didn't have a guitar pick to practice, so Pat took out his school ID and cut out his face in the shape of a pick.

Photos Courtesy of GMMTV

Bus Stop Project Proposal

In college, their friend groups fought each other due to their faculty's deep hatred, resulting in the campus bus stop getting destroyed. Pran, an Architecture major, proposed a new Bus Stop project to fix this mistake. Just when he was on the verge of getting rejected, Pat, an Engineering major, stepped in and saved him.

Photos Courtesy of GMMTV

Four Sign Method

When Pat thought he was in love with their high school friend, Ink, his little sister Pa proposed the four-sign method to see if she was interested in him. Unexpectedly, he found that he showed all four signs, not with Ink, but with Pran!

Photos Courtesy of GMMTV

The Architecture Play

Pran's faculty prepared for a play that portrayed the love story of a classic Thai tale but in BL version! However, things started going wrong when the actor that played Riam left. When things began to look disastrous, Pat saved Pran once again by filling in the role of Riam.

Photos Courtesy of GMMTV

The Final Song

Pran had been trying to compose a song ever since entering the college's band competition, but he could not finish it. However, towards the end of the series, when Pat and Pran run away, he finishes the song and plays it for Pat on a beautiful island under the moonlight.

Photos Courtesy of GMMTV

Many BL fans mourned when Bad Buddy ended but rejoiced in the experience of finding it. Bad Buddy series gave us a fresh twist on the "Romeo and Juliet" trope and a heart-moving performance by OhmNanon as they portrayed the raw emotions of Pat and Pran. See more of 'Bad Buddy series' dramatic romance on Youtube now and see how Pat and Pran tackle the question: "Are we just friends or are we more?"

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1 Comment

Sep 07, 2022

The moment Pat hands the guitar back to heart was pounding from that amount of love. Thanks for this ☺️

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