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Olsson Beauty Event Launches Fresh Identity and Expanded Services for Beauty Enthusiasts

MANILA, PHILIPPINES — Olsson Beauty, formerly known as Jhanelle Hair Extensions BGC, made waves in the hair care industry with an exciting rebranding event at Sofitel - Seawall Garden in Pasay City on June 18. The event drew influencers, beauty enthusiasts, renowned makeup and hair stylists, and valued customers, all donning their stylish Italian summer cocktail outfits. Let's dive into the highlights of this remarkable evening!

The event kicked off with a captivating video that showcased the brand's transition from the Jhanelle Hair Extensions BGC logo to a striking and contemporary new design. The video represented the evolution of the company, symbolizing the brand's commitment to embracing change and staying at the forefront of the industry.

Beyond the rebranding reveal, Olsson Beauty went the extra mile to create an immersive experience that exemplified their dedication to providing unparalleled beauty experiences. Guests had the opportunity to engage with Stephanie Olsson, the CEO, as she fielded questions from the media. Stephanie shared, "New name, same team, same quality care, same services." The goal of Olsson Beauty Event's transformation was to bring a fresh wave of glamour, innovation, and superior quality to their valued customers.

At Olsson Beauty, customer satisfaction reigns supreme. Stephanie highlighted their commitment to offering comprehensive services, where clients can find everything they need in one place. "Olsson Beauty is your One-stop beauty shop for all your beauty needs," Stephanie emphasizes. From hair extensions, hair color, and hair treatments to eyelash extensions and nail aesthetics, the salon aims to provide a unique and convenient experience for clients, eliminating the need to hop from one place to another.

With the rebranding came an expanded list of services, allowing customers to explore a wide range of beauty options. From personalized consultations to premium hair extensions, treatments, and eyelash extensions, Olsson Beauty empowers individuals to express their unique identities and embrace their inner beauty with confidence.

Stephanie expressed her heartfelt gratitude to their clients, stating, "Thank you for being part of our journey. Watch out for new things to come!" Olsson Beauty constantly seeks transformation and change, driven by the desire to help patrons feel more beautiful and confident.

The event was a true celebration of beauty, filled with vibrant displays of human hair extensions and an exciting photo booth where attendees could capture lasting memories. The atmosphere buzzed with anticipation as prizes were awarded to those who shared the event on social media platforms. Attendees were also treated to gift certificates and Olsson Beauty kits as tokens of appreciation.

Olsson Beauty's rebranding event was a testament to their commitment to enhancing beauty experiences. The evening was a delightful fusion of style, innovation, and gratitude, leaving attendees inspired and eager to explore the fresh horizons brought forth by the brand's transformation.


Words by Jessa Jackson and Manuela Tarrayo

Edited by Joe Andy



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