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Opening a New Chapter for Barbie Almalbis’ Upcoming Album: Scenes From Inside

For the past years that she has been releasing occasional singles, PARCINQ finally sat down with Filipina singer-songwriter Barbie Almalbis to talk about her new album and her artistry being in the industry for 25 years.

The OPM scene is ever-changing, but Barbie Almalbis, as an artist debuting in the 90s, bravely reveals a new phase of her life through her new album. As an artist, she is always a student of music, learning, and sometimes unlearning. With this, the 9-track pop-rock album is a testament to Barbie’s consistency as an artist who never gets tired of leveling up her craft and expanding her vision with her newfound inspiration.

Taking inspiration from life itself, Barbie Almalbis made the album from stories from the past two years. Looking back into her past albums, Parade, Goodbye My Shadow, and My New Heart, she treats them as her diary, a keepsake of how life has been like for her.

“They’re just younger Barbie’s, just different versions of me. They are snapshots of what life was like when I was an aimless teenager, heartbroken, then getting to know God, becoming a wife and a mom, and what life looks like now. ”

Amidst the challenges of the pandemic, as told by her music in her new album, she describes the album as restful. This period of her life taught her to tread life at a slower pace. She learned to take a rest and enjoy the creative process of making the album.

“With this album we did it slower, one to two singles at a time and then focus on those songs. Walang feeling na burnout, mas enjoy yung process. I like doing it this way.”

With a steady burn of her passionate heart for music, Barbie would like to continue making art that inspires. Her career always revolved around creating and sparking creativity in others as well.

“[Making music] wasn’t a means to an end. As a younger artist, I make music for music, but when it becomes a career, there’s a certain pressure, nakakawala ng creativity. Now, I want to focus on the creative side, take things back to when I started as an artist.

Scenes From Inside is considered Barbie Almalbis’ most collaborative work to date, bringing in a pool of co-songwriters dear to her heart, including real-life partner Martin Honasan, aunt Alya Honasan, friend Michelle Rivera, and more.

With Dari Crème and GNN Entertainment Productions as its official partners, the upcoming album will be launched with an online live performance featuring Barbie Almalbis and her bandmates: Karel Honasan on bass, Jonard Bolor on drums, and Nikko Rivera on keyboards.

The virtual album launch will be streamed live on her official Facebook page this July 16 (Friday) from 7 pm onwards, with Almalbis taking the virtual stage to perform the new songs from the album and some classic favorites.



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