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Our TaeKook Mikrokosmos: A Special Fan Gathering in the Philippines

“Our Taekook Mikrokosmos” special screening gave TaeKook fans a bigger experience by watching it in a cinema with their friends. “The BTS 8th Muster Sowoozoo was watched online, at home. We really couldn’t do a viewing party at the height of the pandemic. By doing this event, we had a chance to reminisce our online concert experience together” Aud Jeon, TK Buddies representative, explained.

The BTS 8th Muster Sowoozoo was an online concert to celebrate the 8th anniversary of KPOP sensation. The record-breaking concert was viewed by 1.33 million strong BTS Army in June of 2021.

Lucky Taekook fans were delighted last weekend with a special event held in Quezon City. TK Buddies curated the viewing party for more almost 150 fans who trooped to a micro cinema last weekend.

Reliving the experience came easy for the fans. Building up to the screening, TK Buddies made sure they shared the overwhelming support they received from event partners through a pre-event online raffle that was exclusive to “Our Taekook Mikokosmos” ticket holders. It did not stop there! On ground pre-screening activities surely thrilled viewers with banners of Jungkook and Taehyung for photo op. Photos were provided by Sorte 613, one of the biggest house masters for Kim Taehyung and Jeon Jungkook.

Upon registration, everyone received the fan-meet kit with special event-exclusive merchandise. A raffle was also held where everyone won prizes from the generous sponsors. @smol_kia, a fan artist, provided exclusive fan art for the event. While Pureautumnarts created a Sowoozoo keycharm and sticker sheet just for the special screening. Another partner, TaeKook Global, produced an exclusive playlist on Spotify for TaeKook Mikrokosmos’ ultimate viewing party.

The awesome grateful crowd were swamped with merchandise and prizes as they sang, swayed, and swooned to their KPop idol songs. They also raised funds for Junkook Philippines through a bake sale. The super worth it special screening delivered more than what was expected!

TK Buddies promises to hold more exciting events for TaeKook fans. To keep posted, follow them @TKBuddies on Twitter.

The “Our TaeKook Mikrokoksmos” viewing party was generously supported by Vanteco, Kore Studio, Hopeboxph, Pureautumnarts, Purple Trinktes Ph, Estrellart, Sparklelab, Wander in Euphoria, Brightside_mnl, eigheight bc, Ar Shoppe, Krafts by Ketene, House of Divechy, Gigi.laneshop, Your Story Ph, Hallyugotchu and Popstitchmnl; with the help of event partners Sorte 613, Smol_Kia, JungKook PH, TaeTae_PH, V PH and The TaeKook Global.



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