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Our Zone: SB19's Third Anniversary Concert at The Big Dome

Back in 2019, during their first major concert in Cuneta Astrodome, SB19 told their fandom called A’Tin to prepare - Araneta Coliseum will be their next stop.

In almost two years, it came true. Pablo, Ken, Stell, Josh, and Justin trooped their way to the Big Dome stage for their 2-day 3rd-anniversary hybrid concert entitled Our Zone last November 27 and 28, 2021. It was the first live concert after two years into this pandemic.

The hottest act in the Philippines has had an amazing year. After releasing their latest EP Pagsibol, they've received worldwide recognition and nominations for prestigious awards like the EMA and Billboard. They've been blessed with endorsements, awards, and having the honor of being named ambassadors for the National Commission for the Culture and Arts. And before Our Zone, SB19 held their Back In The Zone concert last August and performed in Forte: The Pop Orchestra last October. Our Zone is also the culmination of their month-long 3rd-year anniversary celebration, with the group releasing a kick-ass music video of Bazinga, a song written for their bashers. They also released the Our Zone digital series on their Youtube channel.

Cladded in an all-black soldier ensemble, the P-Pop Kings immediately set the Our Zone stage on fire with their opening performance of Mana – a song about keeping their feet on the ground while flying high.

After briefly thanking A’Tin, who were present both physically and virtually, the group slowed down and sang their first single Tilaluha followed by a new toned-down version of Go Up, the song which started it all.

The concert went on with the boys singing songs from their latest EP, Pagsibol, like Bazinga and What? with an updated and fiercer dance break. They also gave in to one of the most requested numbers from A’Tin - a medley of '90s Pop Boyband N Sync’s hits.

On the first night of the concert, they joined AC Bonifacio on stage to sing Uptown Funk, while on the second night, they shared the stage with The Juans to sing the latter’s own hit song Atin Ang Mundo.

The two-day concert showcased three new songs, Nyebe, Ligaya, and WYAT (Where You At?). Nyebe is a ballad that speaks of longing and hopelessness while Ligaya is a feel-good Christmas song that's sure to give you the holiday spirit. And WYAT is a '90s pop-disco jam that is another sure-hit.

They picked SLMT and MAPA to end the night. During the first night, SLMT – a song about thanking those who helped them and became an instrument in their success – was interrupted by greetings and messages from their former staff and A’Tin from all over the world. While they ended the last night with the song dedicated to their Mama and Papa – MAPA. The boys became emotional as their families joined them on stage while everyone watching was also choked up in tears.

Our Zone proves one thing - SB19 has arrived and will be staying for a long time. Given their tremendous talent and burning passion, the boys did not only open windows to other P-Pop groups but also set the bar high with the huge success that they were able to achieve in the span of 3 years. Their humility and love for their fans, A'Tin, pushes them to continue their way of success.

It was weird seeing Araneta Coliseum almost empty during the concert of one of the biggest acts in the country this year. Before this pandemic, one measure of an artist’s success is when they get to fill up the Big Dome during a concert. But during this pandemic, just to be able to hold the first live concert after two years is an achievement itself. Plus, the fact that the cheer of a few people who were lucky enough to actually watch the concert live was able to fill up the Dome as if it was jam-packed.

SB19 took their audience on a journey. Though some might attribute their success to luck or perhaps a loving and dedicated fanbase, it is clear that both of these would not exist without their natural talent. SB19 brought in plenty of attention with their excellence. The supergroup's flawless performances were delivered on every level and entertained audiences from their first note to their last encore.

It is just apt for the boys to end both nights of Our Zone with an encore of Go Up - their way of saying that SB19 is going nowhere but up.



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