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P-pop Boy Group 1st.One is on the Rise, and There's No Stopping Them!

Do you ever plan vacations around where your favorite celebrities have been? Or pick travel destinations based on where your favorite artists love to go? If you're a fan of the P-pop boy group 1st.One, we've got some good news for you.

Get ready to explore Puerto Galera with 1st.One! In our latest issue for July, we brought the boys to this beautiful location for a fun and exhilarating shoot. Not only did we get to meet each member, but we also had the chance to get to know them personally. Let the boys of1st.One take you on an adventure like no other!

First Things First, Let's Meet 1st.One

Planning a trip is not an easy task, but for 1st.One, they have it all figured out. This P-pop boy group is ready to conquer all the big waves to make it to their final stop— at the top with their music.

But before we sail off to P-pop paradise, meet the crew of the 1st.One ship: Ace, Max, Joker, Alpha, J, Jayson and special member Gift. Aside from bringing heated performances on stage, these boys are no stranger to traveling. They're about to take us on a journey into the 1st.One zone and there's no turning back!

Named after the group's management, FirstOne Entertainment, 1st.One is not only known for their cool and bold image but also for their wide range of talents that make them a true P-pop powerhouse. But behind the valorous facade they give off while performing, there are young dreamers with so much potential.

"1st.One is just a group of young dreamers who started with humble beginnings," that's how the group describes themselves, and it's true. Fueled by their burning passion, Ace states they are now climbing their way up the ladders they've only imagined climbing. As a group, they aspire to share more than just their music. "We want to share the reality to the next generation that if we could do it, you guys can do it if they just work really hard," Ace said.

Where to go? To the TOP!

The trip to Puerto Galera served as a much-needed break from the hustle and bustle of the city. Instead of going over their usual work cycle, the boys had the time to just bask in the glory of what nature has to offer while also being productive.

While being surrounded by the most breathtaking views, 1st.One proved that they're also a sight to see with their striking visuals.

Mango shakes and strange-looking sea creatures are some of the highlights of 1st.One's shoot with PARCINQ. They recount the trip as a relaxing experience for everyone, like they went there for a vacation instead of work for all the fun they've had.

In relation to travel and vacations, we took the opportunity to ask the members about their idea of a "perfect destination."

"My perfect destination is Switzerland and Japan. Kasi mahilig po ako sa Studio Ghibli anime and more on 'yung settings po kasi nun is parang Switzerland vibes,' yung landscapes." - Jayson

“Same rin po ako kay maknae, Switzerland and Norway. ’Yung makikita niyo po yung Aurora Borealis, ’yung northern lights.” - Alpha

“Ang pinaka gusto ko pong puntahan is Japan. Hindi lang dahil sa anime, dahil din po sa food nila. Gusto kong ma-try ’yung iba’t-ibang klase ng sushi.” - Max

“Ako po gusto kong po sa Italy. Gusto ko po kumain ng croissant.” - Joker

“Ako po, locally Baguio. Pero gusto ko po mag-travel around the world. Anywhere, basta kasama lang po loved ones ko. Anywhere with your loved ones is the perfect destination." - Ace

“Japan and Korea. Pero ngayon gusto ko lang po umuwi province ko sa Bulacan kasi nandun ‘yung family ko.” - J

Traveling is indeed a way to refresh, but for artists like them, it is also a time to get inspired and creative. The group also shares that they take inspiration from almost everything in making their music; the places they visit, the food they eat, and the different cultures worldwide.

Just like in traveling, it's inevitable to encounter bumpy roads on the way, especially when it comes to the road to success. But with strong-willed and talented individuals like 1st.One, the endpoint is clear, and their goal of bringing P-pop to the top is a sure thing.

Starting the dream engines

Needless to say, they made quite an impression with their bad boy concepts, showcasing their strong and fierce sides in songs like You Are The One and Shout Out. But we've only seen the tip of the iceberg so far - they're ready to explore more concepts soon.

“Very hard-hitting and strong po ‘yung start namin, pero in the next few weeks mapapakita po namin ‘yung sinasabi ni Max na versatility ng group. Dahil ‘di lang po kami yung strong, fiery, sounding boy group. Pero lahat po kami iba-iba talaga ng background sa music, so ito na po ‘yung phase na i-eexpand namin ‘yun. We’re very excited para makita ng lahat,” Ace added.

After their short hiatus last year, 1st.One came back stronger with their latest single, Shout Out, an explosive pop track with over 1.8 million views on YouTube as of writing. When asked about what has changed since they debuted in 2020, Alpha mentioned their recent partnership with Warner Music which opened new doors for them.

“Siguro ang nagbago lang samin is dumating ‘yung Warner Music at talaga pong sila rin ‘yung nagbigay samin ng malaking opportunity na mas makilala ‘yung group namin. And ngayon po, on-going pa rin ‘yung mga mall tours namin under Warner Music and 1st.One sa SM. Thankful din po kami sa mga naging achievements these past few months,” Alpha marveled.

The group also expresses their genuine appreciation to their fans, For Ones, for patiently waiting for their comeback.

“In general, grateful din kami kasi ‘di nag give up ‘yung mga fans, ‘yung For Ones, nandiyan pa rin po sila despite nawala po kami. Kaya thankful din po kami sa kanila kasi kung wala po sila, wala rin po kami sa kinatatayuan namin ngayon,” Max professed.

Eyes on the road

More than their unquestionable skills and grit, the group aspires to be remembered for something bigger through their music.

"We'd like 1st.One to be remembered as visionaries and at the same time, people with a message more than just art. We want to convey a message that has value to society. Not just convey the message that "We're 1st.One, we're good singers and dancers"— it's not about that po eh. At the end of the day, music is an avenue to immortalize a message, so in order to get that message across permanently across time, I think we want to use our art, and we want to use music to convey something more than who we are." Ace named artists such as Taylor Swift and Michael Jackson as their icons in making revolutionary music.

Similarly, J wants their group to serve as an inspiration to all dreamers, emphasizing that everyone's allowed to dream regardless of their age. He wants them to be the kind of group that people take inspiration from in fulfilling whatever dream they have. Jayson also added that they want them to be remembered as people who provide comfort and healing through their music when they're having a tough time.

Just like any other industry, P-pop is a challenging place to enter. Having no guarantee of success, the members reveal their motivation for joining a boy group.

Despite the uncertainty of succeeding, Max was motivated by his family and his love for music to make a debut.

“For me, kaya rin po pinursue ko ‘yung pag-join ng boy group dahil gusto ko rin po’ng makapag provide sa family ko kaya kahit na alam ko na it’s a risk that i’m taking, okay lang kasi mahal ko yung ginagawa ko, kasi masaya ako dun sa ginagawa ko. Yun naman talaga yung mahalaga eh, yung pag gusto mo yung ginagawa mo, basta masaya ka. Yun po talaga yung nag-push sakin na ituloy mag-debut kahit na alam ko na wala kang patutunguhan o kahit na meron.

Ace's decision to follow his dream became even more valuable when he gained five brothers by joining the group.

“Ako basically, gusto ko lang gumawa ng something legendary or memorable habang buhay pa ako. Kasi may kasabihan na “You only live once, so make the most out of it” and I’m very blessed. Kasi iba-iba naman po talaga kami ng dynamics, ng pag-iisip, ng mentality and all. Lahat po kami nag-aaway in front of each other or behind our backs minsan, pero I’m very blessed and thankful na na-bless ako ni God ng group of friends na it may seem small — pero from simple dancers, singers, or students, we’re here now as a boy group na nakakapag-inspire ng ibang tao.”

While the other members’ aspirations drove them into joining a boy group, Alpha’s decision, on the other hand, was influenced by a fellow member. “Si leader-nim (Ace) po. Kasi siya po talaga ‘yung naging foundation ng group na ‘to. Right from the start siya po talaga ‘yung nagpu-push samin sa lahat ng bagay. For example sa singing, dancing, sa pag-speak ng Korean. Siya po talaga nagpu-push,” he revealed.

Indeed, thanks to Ace, the group is complete.

The rise of 1st.One

We all know that P-pop is heavily inspired by other industries such as K-pop and J-pop. But despite the presence of Korean references in 1st. One's music, it is still the group's main objective to introduce P-pop as something that is uniquely Filipino on the global scene.

Ace shares the direction that they're going for as a group in the industry.

“We want to make a stable foot first in our country, in our homeland. Pero of course, ang dream is also to go international kasi we want to take P-pop worldwide as well, internationally. While we’re here, gusto po namin dalhin ‘yung bandila natin, ipagmalaki ‘yung music natin — na there’s a boy group called 1st.One who is just one of the P-pop acts in the Philippines and P-pop is this good. So, why not take a look at the wholeness of P-pop. Baka po sa pagsimula sa ganon eh maging kasing laki po tayo ng K-pop or American pop.

While on the topic, 1st.One's leader, Ace, also gave out a hint for their upcoming song wherein they integrated one of Africa's famous phrases, "Hakuna Matata," a spoiler that you heard here first!

Now, for the most important destination there is for the P-pop group, Joker tells us about where they see themselves five years from now.

“In the next 5 years po, mas makikita po yung 1st.One na nagpe-perform with other P-pop acts internationally. Sobrang goal po kasi namin na dalhin ‘yung music ng Philippines, yung OPM and P-pop, and gusto po namin i-represent sa iba’t-ibang bansa. Gusto po talaga namin makita na ‘yung ibang lahi na kinakanta ‘yung atin, kahit Tagalog ‘yan, kinakanta nila. Kaya masaya po ‘yun pag nangyari ‘yun.”

The boys of 1st.One might be slowly taking their journey to the top, but what they promise every For.One out there who supports them is that they can't wait to meet you on top!


Produced by Parcinq Magazine Team and FirstOne Entertainment

Photography by Rxandy Capinpin

Art and Video Direction by Joe Andy

Sittings Editor: Philip Vargas

Words and Cover Story by Shane Sy and Mark Baccay

Styling by Bea Guerrero, Joaquin Rodrigo, and Miguel Quilang of New Collective Style

Hair and Make Up by Nadynne Esguerra and Kim Roy Opog

Shot on location at Red Sun Resort, Puerto Galera

On Ace, Max, Joker, Alpha, J, and Jayson: Suits from Orias Studios



nicole m.
nicole m.
Mar 23, 2023

These boys look so good! Can't wait for more photoshoots and music!


Jul 31, 2022

Thank you PARCINQ for giving our boys this opportunity and ofc, for trusting them. Let's go P-pop rise!

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