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P-pop Girl Group DIONE is Keeping it Real and Shiny

With the group's honest, humble charm and its members' authentic personalities shining through, DIONE already feels like home. And I could feel their friendly energy even through my computer screen. Our compressed realities may have separated us, but the girls were there with me in spirit, smiling and ready to start the conversation.

For the uninitiated, DIONE (also stylized as D1ONE) is a sing-rap-dance group under FirstOne Entertainment. The quartet is composed of Joyden (leader, vocalist, rapper), Clara (main dancer, rapper, vocalist), Ella (main rapper and dancer) and the bunso, DK (main vocalist).

On DK and ELLA: Gowns by Jan Garcia Designs and Accessories by Kataw Official

Though they give off an air of effortless confidence, the truth is that these girls have worked hard to get where they are. Some may think they had it easy – but in the world of P-pop, where everyone's vying for a chance in the spotlight, it can be hard to get noticed immediately. Some stumbled, rerouted, and eventually lost their path. Luckily, with their gleaming stage presence during the explosive debut showcase at PPOPCON 2022, there's no other way but up for this new girl group. No matter how long the road trip is, they won't ever, ever get lost because they're already sparkling— something that transcends greatly to my screen right from the start.

As it's their first time gracing a magazine cover, they said that the out-of-town shoot with Parcinq in Puerto Galera was memorable, fun, and exhilarating! Thrilling to the fact that other members were afraid of what lies below the sea. But that didn't stop them from slaying the photo shoot as they were totally in control of what they were doing the moment the camera clicked. After all, the four members were always ready to ride the tides.


As their name suggests, they're always aiming for number one in every stage. And with their dance skills, powerful vocals, and undeniable visuals, there's no doubt the girls will go far in this industry. But despite gunning for the best, Joyden wants to introduce the group as approachable and relatable to their fans, the Talies.

"Personally, I want the Talies to remember DIONE as we are," Joyden said. "We want to be approachable and relatable as much as possible because, in everything that we do, we keep it real and do it with the best versions of ourselves. The Talies inspire us so much, and we want them to be inspired by us too!" she added.

On JOYDEN: Brocade trench coat by Chelsy V. Studio and white puffed sleeve dress by LA TRINITÉ Atelier

Clever enough, the girls don't disappoint by making each of their fans feel as if they are one of them, especially through their music. Clara believes music transcends all boundaries and radiates inspiration; that is why they want to reach out to anyone when they're making their music.

"When we make our music, we want to reach out to anyone," Clara said with a smile on her face. "You could be part of the LGBTQIA+; you could be no matter what kind of person you are or what you believe in. Gusto namin parang everyone could relate to it, and when they hear it, they would feel like, 'oh, this is me, this is me.' But hindi lang confident gusto naming iparamdam sa kanila but also comfort,” she continued.

On CLARA: Tulle dress with flower embellishments by Chelsy V. Studio

Their ordinariness becomes their ultimate vehicle and credential for stardom, not their antithesis. Their genuine humor can tickle a lot of P-pop fans, and that's so hard to do. On top of that, their overflowing talents and striking visuals add spices to the rising P-pop scene.

TUMAKBO, NADAPA, TUMAYO The girls had been through a lot before they even became a group. It's not a secret that some of the members were in a disbanded group called LUNA before they became the girl group we love now.

Getting debuted wasn't as smooth as silk as one might think, but their journey so far has become the secret recipe in making their upbeat, empowering pop banger that had Talies and even non-Talies put the song on loop. Their debut single 'Bling Bling' which amassed over 1.3 million views as of writing, has an encouraging message about pursuing dreams despite life's problems that we usually conceal behind the glitter and the glam.

On DK: ulle dress by Miss Patty Valle and bib by Chelsy V. Studio, Accessories by KATOW Official

“Ang daming beses po na dapat aayaw na po kami,” DK shares as she talks about their journey as a group. “Napapagod kami, gusto na naming tumigil, gusto na naming umuwi sa kanya kanyang mga bahay. Pero parang pinili po naming magstay at ituloy po ito.”

One can’t help but be amazed by DIONE’s hard work. “'Di po pwede yung tingin mo sa ginagawa mo kabig lang.” Joyden adds. A powerful statement that describes the overall spirit of the group.

On ELLA: Floral dress by Chelsy V. Studio

DIONE has already shown their dedication and talent, emerging as one of the most promising groups in the scene. Despite the pressure they have faced, they have shone brightly and reached their full potential. Like diamonds, they are unbreakable under pressure.


In case new TALIES didn't know, Joyden, Clara, and DK were former members of the four-member girl group, LUNA, that debuted in July 2021. Despite what happened, the three girls didn't lose their glimmers. With the addition of a new member, Ella, their shimmer became stronger than ever - proving that their luster can also glitter as bright as the other rising P-pop filomenon.

Having a sisterhood like DIONE’s shields them through the trials and tribulations as P-pop artists. As an only child, Ella found three sisters who are always by her side through thick and thin. She candidly shares, “excited ako lalo na palagi ko silang kasama…tapos yung tipong may kasama akong gumising, may kasabay akong kumain.”

The other girls didn't need to adjust immensely to Ella's presence because they already knew each other back when they were still trainees. The heartwarming part here is that their sisterhood is growing fondly, day by day.

Joyden even recalls when Ella woke up because she felt Joyden wasn't beside her anymore. A funny yet sweet memory that cements how attached they are to each other.

When asked if they wanted to become P-pop artists all this time, they all answered that they just wanted to perform on stage. For DK, she says that performing has become her coping mechanism ever since; Ella was influenced by her K-pop idols; Joyden eyed to become a psychologist or a writer, while Clara wanted to become a fashion designer.

Some of their greatest musical influences include Taylor Swift, Ariana Grande, and K-pop superstars BTS and Blackpink.

Though they might not have foreseen this as their destiny, these four women were born to perform on the big stage. It's their calling. No matter what path they took in the past, they would always end up in the same destination - the P-pop queendom.


"Malayo pa ang dulo," That's how DIONE describes their journey. They still have a lot to prove; there's still much to be done, many achievements to be made, and plenty of great music yet to come. We should all keep an eye out because they will be venturing into new concepts in the future!

They hope to tour both domestically and internationally one day, with a solo concert stage in Araneta and a tour in South Korea. We are supporting their dreams and manifestation by visualizing these wishes coming true. We can only imagine how excited they will be when they finally happen!

While they might not have time to take breaks because of their busy schedules, the Puerto Galera shoot made them rest and enjoy for a while. And because of that, they can't wait to explore more of the country's beauty while bringing their hopeful melodies.

As the Philippines' pop music scene continues to grow and evolve, so too do the artists that it produces. Shining bright like diamonds, the girls of DIONE are on their way to becoming the next big thing in P-pop. With their powerful vocal abilities and unrivaled stage presence, they are sure to achieve success and show the world the formidable power of a Filipina.


Produced by Parcinq Magazine Team and FirstOne Entertainment

Photography by Rxandy Capinpin

Art and Video Direction by Joe Andy

Sittings Editor Philip Vargas

Interview and Cover Story by Hans Ethan Carbonilla with Mark Baccay

Styling by New Collective Style

Hair and Makeup by Nadynne Esguerra and Kim Roy Opog

Shot on location at Red Sun Resort, Puerto Galera



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