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Here's How YGIG Could Directly Cause Campus Hearts to Flutter

YGIG strikes a pose before they perform

At school, we’ve got a whole cast of characters! There are the jocks who practically live in the gym, the nice kids who are like walking sunshine, the cool kids who could charm their way out of a paper bag, the smart kids who excel in academics, and then there’s the dancefloor princesses who aren’t just “it girls” but are also the reigning queens of grace and glamor.

And if the P-pop girl group YGIG were to enroll this semester, they could be a perfect shoe-in for the dance club and definitely become the campus crushes. As they sport the maroon university shirts, the girls are showing us how amazing an “Iskolar ng Bayan” they could be.


YGIG recently graced the stage of this year’s UP Fair, as usual, blending advocacy with music. Fundamentally, the UP Fair stands as a form of protest (as everything is political). It serves as a platform where people unite not solely for the sake of reveling in music and entertainment but also to delve into critical social issues impacting various sectors of the country.

Among those forwarding this essence are some of the fast-rising P-pop groups like YGIG. While they uphold these messages at their core, they also haven’t forgotten how to maintain their edge in their performances. The “Shaba Shaba” dance break was on fire!


Clad in some of the iconic UP merch, YGIG’s Maeg, Hazelyn, Jewel, Alexei, and Vien shared some snapshots on Instagram, effortlessly blending into the university atmosphere and embodying the essence of the campus life. 

Their photos serve as a testament to their seamless integration into the school community, showcasing how they could easily be mistaken for, well, actual UP students.

So, if the girls of YGIG were to become our classmates, they would undoubtedly assume leadership roles, as wherever they do and go, we invariably follow.



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