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P-Pop Tunes to Kick-Start Your Summer

Summer is upon us, and PARCINQ is turning up the heat with a scorching hot selection of summer jams. From electrifying anthems to contagious beats, get ready to groove along to the hottest tracks that will surely make you feel the heat.

So put on your shades, show off your summer wardrobe, and raise your drinks as you let the rhythm take control. Let's turn up the heat and make this summer unforgettable!

  1. I Feel Good - BINI

In this fiery weather, you deserve to feel good. And what better way to experience that even in the comfort of your home than by listening to this song by the nation’s girl group? Bonus if you groove with it in an actual paradise, as the song suggests!

2. Yuno - Press Hit Play

"I know what you’re thinking," says the quartet. I think we can all agree that, at this point, we think we need some summer vacation! Let Yuno accompany your summer parties from morning ‘til night to sustain your energy like this upbeat track.


This sizzling single is highly likely composed to get you in the mood for some serious fun. With a beat that's perfect for the dancefloor and a hype that's impossible to resist, you'll want to turn up the volume and get lost in the septet's new track. It's a sin not to join the party, so come on and jam out!

4. Tumitigil ang Mundo - BGYO

Ever had a summer love type of thing? This song feels like it's playing in the background while you have that little, unforgettable moment with your crush. You could only wish to have summer a little bit longer.

5. My Time - PLUUS

The rookie boy group in town has an offering just in time for the season. My Time’s uplifting melody fits well the vibe of summer as well as the message of the song. Take this time to feel the rhythm of the music and reflect on your personal progress and your goals afterward.



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