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Paolo Pangilinan: An Ode to the Seams of Gender Fluidity

Unless you've been living under a rock, then you probably know who Paolo Pangilinan is. With his intense good looks and remarkable acting chops, his presence in the local pop culture has been gathering pace in recent months, and his race to success is reaching new heights in his every move.

Born in 1996, the 25-year-old actor made his acting debut as Karl Frederick "Karl" Almasen in the 2020 Filipino BL series "Gaya sa Pelikula" (which is a must-see if you haven't already). After his titular role in the series, he has been considered an icon for the LGBTQIA+ community and a beacon of light for his fans. Today, he continues to push boundaries and break the barriers of the heteronormative society through fashion.

Photographed in a collection of eccentric looks, Paolo Pangilinan delves into the gender-bending seams of vogue for #PARCINQFashion.

That Little Black Dress

Shot by Fashion Photographer Raymond Cauilan away from the busy streets of Manila to a secluded resort in Bulacan, Paolo dawns a semi-cropped wrap blouse with slitted bishop sleeves by Hanz Nabong and high thigh boots by Joco Commendador. Styled by Yannie Tui, Paolo translates a modern take on a nonconforming fashion over the standards of what society tells how a man should be.

Blouse: Hanz Nabong , Boots: Joco Commendador

Like a butterfly going through a metamorphosis, Paolo breaks free and reveals his wings to the world!

Ang Ala-nganin

Hybrid Piña-Canvass Bukid Collar by Adam Pereyra

Paolo is wearing an androgynous Philippine terno from Adam Pereyra's 2020 collection "Ala-nganin." According to Pereyra, the collection is a reclamation of the Filipino word "Alanganin," which translates to "doubtful or unsure" — a comment that has become an 'inside joke' among Filipinos whenever they refer to someone queer.

Hybrid Piña-Canvass Bukid Collar, Versatile Baro and Pants by Adam Pereyra

The ensemble is made from Piña fabric and features a feminine silhouette yet still complements the male body, giving a hybrid ergonomic structure. It is also tailored with pleated butterfly sleeves that are patterned intrinsically perfect for men's armholes.

Getting through ruffles

Dressed in a frothy pink ruffled tulle skirt by Adam Pereyra matched with a black suit designed by Hanz Nabong, Paolo radiates liberation from the virulency and ignorance of the patriarchal society.

Suit by Hanz Nabong, Tulle skirt by Adam Pereyra

Traje de mestiza

Top by Hanz Nabong, Pants by Adam Pereyra

Breaking the taboos on local traditional Filipino garments, Yannie Tui once again incorporated the designs of Hanz Nabong and Adam Pereyra to depict a modern take on a Traje de mestiza — a start of a new conversation on breaking decades of tradition.

Top by Hanz Nabong, Pants by Adam Pereyra

An ode to the seams of gender fluidity

Tulle Skirt by Carl Arcusa

Along the seams where femininity and masculinity are sewn together lie power, uniqueness, and belonging. That is where Paolo Pangilinan is at the moment as he floats wearing a tulle skirt and suit by Carl Arcusa. In his tranquil state, Paolo breaths his truth and lives his reality.

Observing Paolo in his state of grace — more than ever, he is at peace with himself.


Words by Mark Baccay (@markelwyn)

Photography by Raymond Cauilan (@raymondcauilan)

Styling by Yannie Tui (@edriannetui)

Grooming Lionel Fabros @lionelfabros

Styling assistants Ghelo Villaflor ( @itsghelowville) and

Sharmaine Borromeo@sharmaineborromeo

Videos from @unframedpixels @krisvillaflor

Video Editing and Final Art by Joe Andy (@heyjoeandy)

Shot on location: The Cabin Resorts Ph (@thecabinresortsph)



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