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Paolo Sandejas’ Highly Anticipated ‘Bloom EP’ Now Blossoms To Life!

The anticipated Bloom EP of Paolo Sandejas is finally here for everyone to hear. Aside from his previously released singles, this six-track EP comes with the title track “Bloom”, which paints a vivid picture of the moment after a breakup when you finally pick yourself up and move forward.

The song opens with the artist painting a picture of a long, cold winter - a metaphor for the pain and sorrow that comes after a breakup. But just as winter gives way to spring, the artist finds their way out of the darkness and begins to glow. According to the singer-songwriter, he started writing this song with the instrumental, which he thinks is very bright and hopeful.

Photo by: Renuel Fallore

Paolo shares, “It sounded so bright and hopeful so I wanted to match that with lyrics rooted in the same theme. I also wanted to console people who may be stuck looking back on what once was and encourage them to look forward… and bloom.”

"Bloom" is a powerful indie pop anthem that captures the complex emotions that come with heartbreak and the journey towards healing. It proves that his brand-new EP captures the essence of human emotions and experiences. Of course, also included in this offering are his past singles “Different Shade Of Blue”, “Hide & Seek”, “Liquid Courage”, “BORED? (hope you’re happy)”, and “Aftertaste” which features Tala.

Photo by: Renuel Fallore

“Bloom” easily became part of numerous Spotify Playlists such as “Tatak Pinoy”, “RADAR Philippines”, “Situationship”, “Happy Stroll”, “.ORG”, and “OPM Rising”. Likewise, the song is included in the New Music Friday Playlist in the Philippines, Japan, Malaysia, Korea, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Singapore, and Indonesia.

Along with this grand release, Paolo Sandejas is also one of the chosen OPM acts for Spotify PH’s RADAR Artists of 2023. He’s also doing a busking tour with fellow artists to promote the Bloom EP.



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