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PARCINQ Fashion Review: 2021 Fashion Trends That Dominated Our Local Fashion Scene

This year is almost over, and we can’t deny that we’ve seen fashion trends that we all love. From the iconic knitwears or crochet to the reworked clothes and platform footwear, we can say that we loved and most of us tried these trends. Here at PARCINQ, we round up all the fashion trends that have caught our eyes, and surely made a mark, and truly dominated our local fashion scene in 2021.

Modern Streetwear

The rise of this style has come from the ‘50s and evolved to the following years, and today it has come in this new age of fashion, thanks to the designers who reimagined the magnificent and iconic streetwear.

Reworked Clothes

As sustainability continues to be a strong talking point in the fashion industry, fashion big-names talk about how fast they want to consume fabric, while local designers can't get enough of recycling and reusing fabrics to create astonishing pieces.


Denim is one of the best closet staples we all have in our wardrobe. And yes, denim pieces are always on-trend, and mostly today, designers and brand are reimagining the denim that we all know of before.

Indigenous Patterns

Patterns are surely one to opt for, especially when it incorporates into our history. This year, we’ve seen a lot of designers who showcased their own creativity and took on indigenous patterns that reflect our own Filipino culture.


As we’ve seen from our local celebs and influencers, minimal dressing surely dominated the trends for this year’s suits, and coords are two things that stand out from the rest, and we totally love it! Suiting up and, of course, having matching coords is a good choice.


Ah, knitwears are one of the best since, at this time, we mostly opt for comfortability in terms of clothing. For the past months, we’ve seen crochet tops, hats, and many more have been making a mark lately, and surely it will continue to be on point until next year.

Platform Sandals

Platform sandals totally made a mark on our local fashion scene this year. Since the platform began in the ‘70s, this has been reimagined by designers through the years, and to this day, they are making platforms a quintessential must-have piece.

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