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PARCINQ FRESH Featuring Aljon Mendoza

Ever since his breakthrough stint in Pinoy Big Brother: Otso, Aljon Mendoza's star has been slowly rising, becoming one of the most sought-out actors in the industry. He's become everyone's "golden boy" and favorite young heartthrob.

Clearly, the 21-year-old actor continues to work hard in the industry, and he is doing it at his own pace. From being the 'Shy Charmer Ng Pampanga' to his viral role in ABS-CBN’s TV drama 'Viral Scandal,' plus his first lead role in the upcoming online series adaptation of 'Teen Clash,' Aljon is surely a force to be reckoned with.

The young star has clearly achieved a level of success that only some of us would dream of. In this newest Parcinq Fresh Issue for Volume 3, we caught up with Aljon and got to know why he is everyone's favorite charmer.

Q. Your fans probably know everything about you already, but how would you introduce yourself to people who are only starting to get to know you? Who is Aljon Mendoza?

Aljon: I want people to know me as someone na nag s-strives for excellence. I believe hindi pa naman ako yung best but I keep on trying to improve on a lot of things. Someone who goes beyond boundaries or limitations. And someone who is kind. [ I want people to know me as someone who strives for excellence. I believe I am not yet in my best form, but I keep trying to prove that I can be someone and do something in everything that I do. I am someone who goes beyond boundaries and limitations. And, of course, I want people to know and feel the kindness in my heart.]

Q. As we all know, creating your name in the industry is not easy. What motivates you to pursue this career?

Aljon: Every time na nakikita ko yung parents ko na proud sila sa akin. Sa lahat ng achievements ko, malaki man or maliit. [Every time I see how proud my parents are and how happy they are with my achievements, whether big or small. ]

Q. What do you believe sets you apart from other actors?

Aljon: Proud kasi ako sa pagiging probinsyano ko eh. I think asset ko yon. Sobrang simple lang talaga ng pinagmulan ko and yung pagkatao ko mismo. May mga tao kasi na nagsasabi na basawan ko yung pagka probinsyano ko. Eh, wala akong balak kasi proud ako sa pagiging Kapampangan ko. Probinsyano ako. Embrace ko yon. [ I am very proud of my roots. I think being a ‘probinsyano’ has become more of my asset because it reflects my authenticity, especially in how I interact with other people or how I speak, I feel it makes me more relatable. Some people are telling me to tone it down, but I just can’t. It’s what makes me, me. ]

Q. What is the most important decision you have ever made so far in your career?

Aljon: Yung I trusted my guts. Growing up kasi, introvert ako. Hindi ako lumalabas ng bahay, so nagulat yung parents ko nung sinabi kong I want to audition sa PBB. For someone na mahiyain, talagang nilaban ko na ‘Hindi, Luluwas akong Manila para i pursue yung dream ko. Talagang feeling ko yun na talaga yung time ko eh. Kaya ayun, anytime na may opportunity na dumadating at lumalapit sakin, pag talaga nagkakaroon ako ng strong feeling about it, sinusunod ko siya. Kaya feeling ko best decision yon, hindi ako natatakot sundin kung ano yung nasa loob ko. [ It may not be specific. But I trust my guts every time I make a decision. Growing up, I’ve always been an introvert. I barely go out, so when I told my parents that I wanted to audion for PBB, but at that time I felt like it was my time. That’s why my moniker in the show was ‘Shy Charmer,’ because I was really an introvert. But at that time, I was really certain that I wanted to pursue my dream. So after that, every time there’s an opportunity, If I get a strong feeling about it, I really do it and pursue it fearlessly.]

Q. How was your work experience with Teen Clash?

Aljon: Sobrang masaya at ang daming natututunan sa mga co-workers ko sa set mula sa co-actors, Direk Gino, Ate Kookai, writers, at hanggang sa mga PA. Naalala ko lang na pinagpray ko ‘to nung 2021. Noong sinabihan ako na ‘Try mo dito sa go-see pero huwag ka mag expect’ sabi ko ‘okay, go.’ Tapos di ako nag expect ng anything pero I did my best. Basta ang pinag-pray ko is magkaroon ang ng breakthrough at dumating yung time ko. So I think eto, binibigyan na ako ng chance para i-showcase yung talent at maka gain ng mas maraming experience. Gratefully, nasa tamang mga tao ako. [ I am very much greatful and I learned alot from my co-workers in the set to my co-actors, Direk Gino, Ate Kookai, writers, and even the PAs. It was in 2021 when I got the offer to go to the casting’s Go-See. I didn't expect to land the role because I went to the casting’s ‘go-see’ knowing that there was no certainty about it. But still, I did my best. I was just praying for the day that my stars would align. So I think, with Teen Clash, this is the universe giving me the opportunity to showcase and prove what I am made of. So I'm hoping for the success of this project, and may the universe give me more opportunities. Gratefully, I am with the right people. ]

Q. How was your working experience with Jayda, Markus, and the whole cast of Teen Clash?

Aljon: Hindi ko inexpect yung solid bond ng cast kasi iba-iba kami ng age at background pero lahat kami naniniwala na we were chosen for a reason. Pero kung tatanungin ako kung sino mga naging ka-close ko talaga, syempre si Jayda, Markus, at Zach. Si Jayda, kasi kami lagi yung magkasama eh. Ang dami na namin na-share sa isa’t isa lalo na yung dreams namin for this project. Si Markus, masaya kasama syempre bukod sa nakawork ko na siya sa ‘Viral Scandal at Boys After Dark,’ nag kakayayaan na kami lumabas at magbasketball. Kaya kahit outside sa shoot we are really good friends. And si Zach, unexpected pero sya yung lagi ko nakaka-bonding manood ng movie sa set.

[ I didn't expect the solid bond that we created as a cast because we have different age groups and backgrounds, but we all believe that we were chosen for a reason. But if you ask me who are my closest friends, of course, Jayda, Markus, and Zach. Jayda, because we are always together. We have shared a lot with each other, especially our dreams for this project. Markus, he's fun to be with, of course, apart from the fact that I've worked with him on 'Viral Scandal at Boys After Dark,' we've been able to go out and play basketball. So even outside the shoot, we are really good friends. And Zach, unexpected but he is the one I always bond with watching a movie on set.]

Q. Why do we need to watch Teen Clash?

Aljon: Eto kasing Teen Clash, it’s an adaptation of an online hit novel ni Miss Ilyn Anne Danganan. Meron siyang over a hundred million reads and finally, mapapanuod na natin siya on screen. About siya sa dreams, passion, love, and friendship. Very Gen-Z yung atake ng series so alam ko magugustuhan siya ng lahat regardless of age. Ang ganda rin ng execution ni Direk Gino. [ Teen Clash is an online hit Novel by Ilyn Anne Danganan, and it has over a million reads. Finally, we will get the chance to see the characters come alive. The series is about dreams, passion, love, and friendship that everyone will relate to. The series was very Gen-Z, so I think everyone will like it. I, and the whole cast, enjoyed everything during the shoot, so I hope the viewers will too. I hope they like how we and Direk Gino executed the story. ]

Q. What is the best advice you have ever received?

Aljon: ‘Tumalon sa bangin’ but not literally. Hahaha. The best advice I have ever received is to take risks. Kasi the more na natatakot ka, hindi ka susugal, the more na nababawasan ka ng karanasan sa buhay. The more you lose something. Kasi nga sabi nila, ‘failing is only a failure if you don't try at all.’ [ ‘Tumalon sa bangin’ but not literally. Hahaha. The best advice I have ever received is to take risks. Because when you are afraid to play the game without taking any risks, that loses you an experience. As they say, ‘failing is only a failure if you don't try at all.’ ]

Q. What do we need to look forward to in Aljon Mendoza’s journey?

Aljon: I believe that I still have a lot to offer and that I’m just getting started. Nakapag host na ako, nakapag acting na ako, at sumasayaw na rin ako. Abangan nila sa Youtube channel ko yung mga vlogs ko kasi marami ako tina-try don. Looking forward din ako sa projects na makakapaglabas pa ng other sides ko as an actor at syempre magho-hone pa ng skills ko. [ I believe that I still have a lot to offer and that I’m just getting started. Right now, I’m doing acting, but I have also done hosting, and I also dance. So I’m trying to enhance all of my skills and talents. I also do vlogs, everyone can check my channel because I do random and exciting stuff there. I think if they really wanna know me well, they should check out my videos. I am also looking forward to projects that will bring out my other sides as an actor and of course, hone my skills.]

Q. What is your message to your ‘Charmers’

Aljon: Gusto kong magpasalamat sa continuous support from day one. Maraming salamat sa love and effort na binibigay niyo. Everytime na may nakikita akong posts about kung pano ko sila na iinspire, sumasaya talaga ako. I hope happy sula and proud sa lahat ng mga nagagawa ko kasi kasama sila sa goals ko. Gusto ko masaya and satisfied sila. Gusto ko silang ma meet lahat soon, lalo na yung mga hindi ko pa nakikita in person. [ I want to thank them for their continuous support from day one. Thank you for all the love and effort that you’ve been giving and showing me all these years. Every time I see any posts on how my actions inspire them, I really feel happy and inspired. I hope that they are happy and proud of everything that I do because they are part of my goals. I want them to be happy and satisfied. I wish to meet everyone soon, especially those who I haven’t met yet. ]

FUN QUESTIONS 1. What is one thing that instantly makes your day better? - If I got to work out that day.

2. Do you believe in destiny?

- Yes and No

3. Who knows you best?

- Myself. But kidding aside, probably my mom.

4. What is something that always makes you smile?

- Every time I see my parents smile.

5. What are you most thankful for?

- I am thankful for everyone that believes in me.

6. What’s your favorite way to spend a day off?

- Play the computer and sleep

7. Name one celebrity crush, past or present.

- Before, Ylona Garcia. But now, Anne Curtis.

8. What would constitute a “perfect” day for you?

- If I get to follow my diet properly. (laughs)

9. What do you think is your best quality?

- I want to say, being relatable.


Photography by Rxandy Capinpin

Art Direction and Interview by Joe Andy

Words by Mark Baccay

Styling by Dave Arden of ArdenStylePh

Grooming by Aron Guevara

Hair by Mycke Arcano

Special thanks to Rise Artists, Star Magic, Mico Del Rosario, April Del Rosario, and Patricia Rigodon



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